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I found this interesting. In this video clip, Kathy Lee Gifford, a (minor? I’d never heard of her) American television show host/actress makes a comment about “The pagans, the nasty, bad, pagans…”

I have to say, the choice of language is a little… sad. As a NeoPagan, and a proud one at that, I’m agreeing with Jason Pitzl-Waters and saying that, personally, I’m really not offended, and not just because her manner of “insulting” us is by calling us “nasty” and “bad”. If I was, say, four, then yes, perhaps I would be offended. But as it stands, I have to say that I disagree with (and find a little sad) the reaction of the general NeoPagan community, who are stating that Gifford’s comment, clearly not thought out, amounts to “hate speech”.

Why are we offended by the remarks of a woman who is clearly of sub-par intellect? Are we really that desperate to “prove” our persecution by secular society that we find it necessary to voice (over)reactionary, knee-jerk responses? Why are we wasting time trying to protest this stupidity, when there are plenty of real cases of discrimination occurring every day?

I agree that all discriminatory comments, no matter how stupid they are, are unacceptable. That doesn’t mean I’m going to take to court the next idiot who tells me that my religion isn’t real/valid. There’s such a thing as choosing your battles (I can think of better ones, the case of legal and political discrimination in the UK for a start), and I really don’t think these calls to petition and letter-write in order to try and “make” Gifford apologise to NeoPagans are the best use of our time and effort. We’d be better off fighting the more pressing issues of legal, political or religious discrimination, like that mentioned above, or trying to better our image in the public eye by promoting ourselves as rational human beings, rather than reactionary extremists who fly off the handle at the first signs of criticism (as is true of all extremist factions of any religion). Ring talkback radio shows and point out that perhaps Gifford’s television coaches should provide her with a better vocabulary, since she’s clearly not going to bother learning anything about what she’s talking about.


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  1. Zacharias said:

    THANK YOU! This can be said about anyone who reacts in such a way. Why do people these days have such thin skin? You are not ‘entitled’ to have everyone agree with you, and you are not entitled to have everyone make you feel like you are special and unique and precious. People are going to disagree with you, just as you are going to disagree with others. Get over it! Or better yet, instead of whining about how unfair things are why not challenge why they think that way?

    When people start crying so loudly about little comments made by people who dont’ know what they’re talking about, it just makes them look bad.

    Political correctness is going to destroy the world.

  2. Chronicle said:

    First, Kathy Lee is a burn out TV star who is trying to rekindle her place in the spot light of America by working on the “Today show”. This comment is just one in a long string of ignorant, religiously insensitive commentary that most recently targeted the Muslim Community in spring of 2007, calling them chauvinistic and womanizers, and the Jewish Community, stating that they were not aware enough to realize that Christ is the savior even after 2000 years of proof in winter of 2007. She really is an ignorant has been in the TV industry.

  3. I certainly agree with you – there is no point arguing with people like that, it just adds fuel to their fire. We should rise above it. Dawn x

  4. If we ignore it, and dont react, then it is sending a message that it is allowed. However, if one of us made a comment such as ‘those child molesting Catholics’ we would be hung from the nearest tree!!! (so to speak) What right does ANYONE have condeming ANY religion? I guess she failed to research and find that Christianity is based off of Paganism! Christian leaders took what they wanted out of Paganism, twisted it, tortured it, called it something else and used it as a form of CONTROL! Christians should get their facts straight before bashing the very belief system theirs is based off of!!!

  5. I’m not saying it’s acceptable, because, as I said in my post, I think any discriminatory dialogue is unacceptable. But I think people are overreacting to the stupidity of a woman no-one cares about. We should be worrying about the more important issues, those that legalise discrimination against NeoPagans.

    And Christianity isn’t based off of paganism, it’s derived from Judaism. It has elements of pagan practices in many of it’s rituals, and appropriated aspects of pagan cultures in order to attempt to convert the pagan peoples better, but it certainly isn’t “based off of it”.

  6. Mighty B said:

    It’s not that everyone offended cares what she thinks about pagans,it’s that she reaches millions of viewers….many of them impressionable children,and some of them pagan children.

    It also has alot to do with the fact that it’s been completely ignored by the mainstream when it would be everywhere if it was said about any other religion.

    It’s good that you think your time would be better spent on bigger battles,but it takes less time to write a letter,make a phone call,sign a petition,or send an email and speak up for yourself as it did to write a blog about why you shouldn’t.

    Have you seen her mock apology?There’s a shortened version at…

    Alot of people that held the same opinion as you felt differently after it aired,her original comments didn’t get anywhere near as much attention until this aired either.

  7. In response to Ahnnix. I’m a Christian and I would never lump all Pagans into one catagory and you shouldn’t lump all Christians or Catholics into one. Not everyone agrees with Kathy Lee.

  8. Mighty B, please see the post “Pagan News: Update on the K.L. Gifford Fiasco”.

    And Tammy, very valid point, and thank you for being one of the real Christians out there who give your religion a good name. 🙂

  9. […] News: Update on the K.L. Gifford Fiasco So, it seems that my original thoughts on this whole “Kathy Lee Gifford called pagans ‘bad and nasty’ issue” were […]

  10. She probably had no idea that neopaganism even EXISTED and was drawing on the sort of mythical christian version of “pagans.” She’s a moron, who cares?

  11. Thank you this is the first thought out response I’ve found to the whole mess. Yes, what she said was…well not nice, but that’s really all it can be called, “mommy, she wasn’t nice to me…” Too many people find out I’m a Pagan and fly off the handle about how quick we are to start fights if someone says something derogatory towards the religion. We’re supposed to be peaceful and this is the view we’ve managed to give people now. We’re so worried about protecting ourselves and finally being heard, that no one wants to hear about it, they just think they’ll get yelled at….how is this helpful?!

  12. RaiulBaztepo said:

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  13. Hi there! This ‘Pagan Comment; is news to THIS pagan, lol, and I had to check it out!

    I have to admit, I was kind of shocked when I heard that comment, but coming from the mouth of Kathy Lee Gifford, I take about as much offense to that as I do with a toddler throwing a toy at me. She knows nothing of the religion OBVIOUSLY, because that was a completely untrue description of Pagans.

    I feel sorry for this woman, because she opens her mouth and STUPID comes out, and its not just a few people who see this, its the entire world.

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