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Beltaine ’08 is a go!

Last week, we put out a call to let the wider pagan community know that if
the Sydney Beltaine event did not get enough support numbers wise, we were
in danger of cancelling out the of the weekend entirely.

Well, we’ve got some BRILLIANT news!

With some last minute bookings on Friday that literally *saved* us numbers
wise, and careful adjustments to our entertainment budget (ie we don’t have
a budget now and sorry to say that there will no longer be a live celtic
band performing) we’re now happy to announce that the event is still going
ahead!!!! Woo hooo!

So, thank you to those in people in Sydney, Regional NSW and other States
around the country who are coming along to celebrate with us! Huzzah! Your
grass roots support means that we can still come together as a community and
celebrate Beltaine!

How do I book in I hear you ask??? Go and have a look at our website which
has been updated with the new announcement and details of our limited
release day ticket option.

*Sydney Betlaine 2008 Gathering*
17-19th October 2008

Waterfall NSW

Bookings open until early October – dates to be confirmed….

An adults only (18yrs+) weekend gathering to celebrate Beltaine.

$140pp inc GST – includes all accommodation, catering and workshops &

Limited release of DAY TICKETS $70pp inc GST – Sat 18th Oct only – 8am to

As advertised in this current edition of Spellcraft (page 31) and thanks
again to all the groups and individuals who have passed on news of this
event – you’ve all been noted and thanked on our website, if I’ve missed
you, please give me a nudge and I’ll add you there! Thanks again!

Bright Beltaine Blessings in advance,

Woohoo! Thank you to all who helped support the event, and I’ll see you there!


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  1. Thanks again for your support Elfmage 🙂

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