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Beltaine 2008 Altar

So, in preparation for the actual sabbat of Beltaine, I redid my altar (yay, this year I seem to actually be managing to keep up with the altar. Even if it IS largely just to avoid doing mundane things like Latin homework :P.). It’s fairly simplistic this time around, but I like it:

A few notes on the stuff on there:

  • once again, the tarot cards are from the Druidcraft Tarot; the Lovers represents Beltaine (obviously), but the World and the Empress/Lady are there because I drew them in a meditative tarot exercise

  • the white Goddess statue is what I made in the clay workshop at Beltaine ’08, though it’s a terrible picture of it

  • the white lotus candle holder in the centre was purchased by me as a birthday present from my Grandmother. It’s new, and I love it already

  • the purple cord hanging across the top of the mirror is the cord that I made myself, with my cord-buddy Kimmi, at Beltaine ’08

For me, a home is not a home without an altar.


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