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The purpose of this post is twofold: one, to inform you that I am now the proud owner of a Japanese tea set; and two, to demonstrate my attempts at developing some sort of ability to photograph food so it doesn’t look like crap. (I was actually looking at a site that gave fantastic advice on food photography the other day, but now I can’t remember where it was, and can’t find it in my browsing history – sorry).

Standard photograph of the tea-set.

And here is a more stylised/”artsy” photograph of it.

Any thoughts/comments on the above? Let me know!


Comments on: "Japanese Tea-Set and Food Photography" (2)

  1. Very pretty! Bittersweet Vegan Blog has a few posts on food photography and I’d really like to improve my own skills there as well.

    Good work!

  2. Lovely tea set and photos, I think you have a good eye for photography.

    My Japanese tea set is green too, though I don’t use it often enough.

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