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My First EPIC Culinary Fail

And oh, epic it was. The basic ingredients – button and champignon mushrooms, broccoli, tempeh and hokkien noodles – combined in a delightful union of taste. Then, there was the sauce. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I don’t really like tahini. I love sesame seeds, but this is just… bitter. It doesn’t help that I probably used too much because the recipes I was working off of seem to have been created by madpeople/people with no tastebuds.

Anyway, so I washed the sauce off of the food (yes, you read that right, washed, as in rinsed under hot water until all the bile-like tahini sauce was gone), managed to retain the pieces of minced garlic, added soy sauce and went on my merry way.

But I did learn: soy and garlic go together quite nicely, and better than anticipated. And Homebrand tinned champignon mushrooms taste far better than their “brand” counterparts. I also learned that I will probably never eat tahini again, unless some sneaky bastard slips it in my food.


Comments on: "My First EPIC Culinary Fail" (1)

  1. Yes! Tahini in a sauce/dressing = very, very bad. All I can taste is bitterness and never the other ingredients. But it does work in homemade hummus!

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