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Ok, so now I have time to do an actual comment on the U.S. election results (though I still stand by my earlier comments along the lines of “TAKE THAT, REPUBLICANS!”). So, I’ve been following the election closely, and with great interest, since the beginning of the year, much to the irritation of the few people I actually speak to. “We’re in Australia, how does it matter?” (Or, more frequently, “shut up about politics, no-one cares”.)

How does it matter? Because Australia has become so caught up in American economics, foreign policy, trade/export (*cough* “fair” trade agreement, *cough*) that anything that affects America will have massive ramifications for us. We’re like the 51st state. Think about it. Every time the U.S. dollar plummets, logically, that should make the AUS dollar worth more, comparatively, across the exchange. Instead, the U.S. dollar drops, and the Australian dollar drops even lower. Hmm, well it does go to show that the entire exchange is falsified, but it also epitomises how integral U.S. economics are to Australia.

Think about foreign policy, too. U.S. goes into the Middle East, again, for reasons that have NOTHING to do with Australia (despite what they tell us about “terrorism” and mysterious disappearing WMDs), and Australia also deploys troops. If Obama does the right thing, and America stops fucking around trying to secure all the world’s oil resources, then Australia will also be pulled out. And once we’re all gone from the Middle East, then all these stupid “OMG TERRORISTS!!!111ONEONE!!” fears will dissipate, because the media won’t need to keep everyone in terror in order to justify what is essentially an unjustifiable act of war. And then perhaps society can start to grow the fuck up and stop persecuting anyone and everyone they suspect of Middle Eastern/Muslim.

As far as the actual election: aside from my thoughts about what a travesty it is that such INSANE amounts of money are spent campaigning (oh the lengths they have to go to in order to get the average moron to exercise the privilege of being able to vote), I was thrilled with the election results. Like, shriek-in-joy-would-have-run-around-my-flat-if-it-were-big-enough, thrilled. Finally, things got bad enough that people voted against the Neo-Nazi-like sentiments of the Republicans (whom I am both disgusted, and a little frightened, by).

Though, after meandering around the Internet a little, I find it equally disgusting to read some of the comment of people who voted McCain. It seems the main complaints against Obama are his ethnicity, his middle name, and the fact that “OMG DEMOCRAT = COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST”. There’s a good reason I’m very glad that these people didn’t manage to get their chosen representative into power. The best one is “Obama = the next Hitler”. Considering these people are ultra-conservative, egotistical, and ridiculously-extreme white supremacists, wouldn’t they be hailing the next Hitler? I assumed that sort of sentiment was why they liked the dogmatic insanity of the Republicans.

I wish the best of luck to Obama. I don’t envy him, inheriting a country that’s pretty damn fucked up, and with a lot of angry gun-toting rednecks (this is why laws restricting gun ownership are a really good idea). I hope that, unlike the Labour Party in Australia (that’s another rant entirely, but I am so unbelievably disappointed that they refused to overturn VSU – if you don’t support the unions, how the fuck are you the Labour party??) he sticks to the true ideology of the Democrat party and does some good for his country.


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