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13 Awesome Film Soundtracks

After my big long political rant (not that I have those very often, hahaha), here’s a nice light post of my recommendations for the top (instrumental/original) film soundtracks. So, the list doesn’t include ones that are basically just compilations of actual songs, though I may post a list like that later. And there’s 13 because these are the ones I can think of, offhand, and I like the number 13. 😛

Obviously, I also love the above films/television show (with the exception of Braveheart. Emotionally, it’s very good and all, but the blatant, massive, terrible historical inaccuracies just got to be too much for me. And I can take a lot of artistic license, but there is a limit). So, go forth and listen and buy, my capitalist puppets! Mwahahah.

And I’ve successfully spent half an hour avoiding studying Latin. 😛


Comments on: "13 Awesome Film Soundtracks" (2)

  1. Awesome list. I’m a big fan of movie sound tracks. Gladiator is especially good. Look up the soundtrack for Requiem for a dream. Awesome tracklist. Nice job though.


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  2. I love the soundtrack to Natural Born Killers, it’s by Trent Reznor.

    I think our chess coach used to use the Braveheart soundtrack to psych us up for our big chess games!

    Other soundtracks I like:
    End of Evangelion
    Empire Records

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