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Vegan Bento #3


Bottom tier: basic garden salad with sprouts, iceberg lettuce, tomato, mushroom and alfalfa.

Top tier L-R: grapes, sultanas, pistachio nuts, tamari and black sesami rice crackers (as a divider), roasted chickpeas, bhuja mix, and more pistachio nuts.

This is actually an older one, I just found the pictures. Really, with my uni hours the way they are, I have little need to actually pack a lunch – I can usually get home before I’m ravenous. I’ll make an effort to pack bentos on Thursdays though, and probably through the week later in semester, when I need to start hanging out in the library.

And your eyes aren’t on their way out: the photo’s blurry, my apologies.


Comments on: "Vegan Bento #3" (1)

  1. I spy Spiral’s Black Sesame Seed Rice crackers, love ’em! Your bentos look very tasty and healthy.

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