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You know you’re an adult (a responsible one) when:

  1. It’s a nice day, and your first thought is “oh good, I can get some washing done.”
  2. You skip past the fun junk mail (electronics, toys, clothes, etc.) to see what’s on special at Coles this week.
  3. You can have ice-cream for dinner if you want… but you’re too worried about calories to do so.
  4. It starts to rain, and your first thought is “Is there washing on the line!?!”
  5. You look forward to weekends… so you have more hours to catch up on all your work/housework.
  6. You actually use Facebook for networking/events, not gossip.
  7. When checking emails, over your morning coffee, you automatically delete any “funny forwards” without reading.
  8. You have no bedtime… but you’re always in bed before 11:00pm.
  9. You look forward to looking through the homewares/kitchen appliance section in any department store.
  10. “Spontaneous” nights of drunken revelry are carefully scheduled around work.
  11. This scheduling is painstakingly recorded in your dayplanner/organiser.
  12. You’d wither and die if you lost said dayplanner/organiser.
  13. You keep a blog that’s full of recipes and political rants, not self-indulgent poetry and anecdotes about boys.

I can think of a lot more, but thirteen is a good number at which to finish, I think. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section. Also, I apologise for any typographical errors, I’m so tired I’m going cross-eyed.


Comments on: "You Know You’re An Adult When…" (1)

  1. LOL this is written about meeeee 😀

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