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I just bought two new, very cheap, bento boxes from two different Asian dollar stores. One is rather huge (the one featured below), which is good for when I’m trying to eat more raw food, because celery takes up a lot more space than rice. I also found some flower vegetable-shape-cutters!! Which was very exciting, so hopefully those will be used soon.

big bento box

Above: (this is actually the bottom tier) half a kiwi-fruit, celery, snowpeas, and garlic-salted roast chickpeas sprinkled to take up space.

Below: (two separate pieces, the one on the right is actually much deeper than the one on the right) left compartment is a mixture of sultanas, sunflower seeds and roasted edamame beans. Right compartment is spinach and corn crisps (soooooo tasty) with refried bean dip.

Pretty basic, but also pretty tasty.


Comments on: "Vegan Bento #6 (New Box!)" (1)

  1. I like those spinach corn crisps as well as their beetroot ones. our lunches look healthy and delicious!

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