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Vegan Bento #7

epic bento with star onigiri

Top tier, L-R: chopped snowpeas, star-cut carrots (I have steel vegetable trimmers! Very exciting!), sultanas, a blueberry sweet, roasted chickpeas and nori-bite rice crackers.

Bottom tier, L-R: 2x star-shaped onigiri with radish leaf (not wasabi – a different kind) furikake, 2x semi-nigiri (I used the molds, but they have no topping) with nori and pumpkin furikake, surrounded by plain soya beans. The little panda has shoyu for the beans.

I love my new rice molds!! And my vegetable trimmers!! It’s all quite fun! Also, I bought a ‘Lilo and Stitch’ bento box on eBay, so prepare for yet more vegan-bento-cute-ness. Maybe not until I’m back at work during semester break, though.


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