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Went adventuring into Chinatown, in the Sydney CBD today, and came home with these treasures:

chinatown adventure amanda's haul

My haul, from top left, clockwise: blueberry poptarts (unhealthiest thing ever, but it’s been yeeeears), TVP “beef”, TVP “beef jerky”, dried rockmelon strips (in the “Big Nuts” bag), strawberry mochi balls, salted roasted green peas, some random Japanese drink for a friend, and a tin of inarizushi pockets.

chinatown adventure dron's haul

Dron’s haul, from left: Thai ‘Redbull’, alphabet macaroni noodles, some kind of rice cracker, saffron powder, allspice, Dr. Pepper (*gag*), more ‘Redbull’, and a kazoo-thing purchased from a Buddhist supplies store.

For added hilarity: the label on the allspice packet actually says “Allspice: So-called because of the politics of colonialism.” We had to buy it for that alone.


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