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lilo and stitch bento 001

So, a Lilo and Stitch bento box (and fruit box) with a bag, from eBay. If it looks very small, that’s because it is – it’s only like a 450mL one. Also, apparently the average height for a Japanese woman my age is 157cm (see here), which is hilarious (I’m 173). The chopsticks and container I bought from the Japanese $2.50 store on Clarence St (thanks for the heads up, Julie!).

Also, two different sets of silicon dishes; one set of 4 cat-face shaped ones, and one set of 3 pie-shaped ones (which have embossed designs on the base – the two smaller ones have apples, the bigger one has a piggy!!!). These are also from eBay.

Speaking of which – I finally found and bought a MonokuroBoo bento box!!!!!!! I’ll be taking it to work in the holidays, so expect to see lots of raving about piggies. 😀


Comments on: "New bento box and accessories!" (1)

  1. So cute! I have wanted a bento box for ages but I tend to have food at work that I prepare rather than preparing my lunch the night before or in the morning.

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