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Food pr0n: Vegan Gyoza

gyoza using recipe

Vegan gyoza (Japanese dumplings/potstickers) made using the recipe in Japanese Cooking: Contemporary and Traditional one of the only vegan Japanese cookbooks I’ve ever found. Garnished with steamed spinach and plum sauce.

They were delicious, but holy crap there’s a lot left over! And my freezer is getting pretty full…


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  1. They look great! I borrowed two books from my Dad, ones is Vegetarian Sushi and the other is called Steaming, both by Brigid Treloar. There are some insteresting sushi recipes/variations and some good looking dumpkings and such in the Steaming book.

  2. I just checked out the link to your Japanese cook book and wanted to ask if a lot of the recipes include soy of some sort? Ta!

  3. Hey Mandee, thanks for all your comments! Yes, almost all of the recipes require soy sauce or tofu. There are a that don’t, but maybe it’s one you’d be better off browsing before you buy, if you’re looking to avoid soy?

  4. I would use tamari in place of the soy sauce, that doesn’t seem to effect me and I guess I could use minimal amounts of tofu/tempeh or replace them with mushies.

    And thanks for your comments as well. In reply, Green Gourmet was great, you’ll have to come along to one of our next meet ups šŸ™‚

    I’ve used Orgran’s flour mixes for other things like pretzels, pie and pizza crust but I haven’t tried them in a cake recipe, yet. I might sub it in for the Babycakes recipe and see what happens. If you want some of the gf recipes from Babycakes, let me know and I’ll share them with you!

    Agh, I knew I should have been looking for more people at the Expo! I did go to the book stall as I had to get some posters from one of the Vegan Society members to display at our bake sale. Speaking of which, we’re having a bake sale this Sat (June 27) in Newtown and I will be making gluten free cupcakes etc so if you’re free, drop by!

    And I mostly use dark agave, but I would happily buy the light version as well. My local Coles is stocking both for a reasonable price at the moment.

  5. They look really beautiful!

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