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Vegan Bento #9

First bento for work, and first time using my new MonokuroBoo bento box (I’ll post a picture of the full thing when I remember).

sunrise and bento 002

Top tier: leftover vegetable and chickpea curry (eggplant, spinach, green beans, potatoes, tomato and onion).

Bottom tier: snowpea sprouts (along the top edge), red grapes, dry-roasted chickpeas, diced dried papaya and rockmelon (in the pink cup) and dry-roasted garlic green peas (in the yellow cup).

To the side: flavoured nori strips, a lychee flavoured gummy sweet, and a hard sweet (blueberry flavour). I also took an apple. Deeeeelicious.


Comments on: "Vegan Bento #9" (2)

  1. Mmmmm, I love seeing the food you make.

    This is going to sound like such a silly comment but, I’ve recently turned vegan, what do you make the curry sauce from? I’ve always cooked *everything* from scratch but when it came to curries I used the ready made sauce in a jar (which has lots of salt and milk in it). Now that I’m vegan, I’m a little stuck. I know it’s such a stupid question but what do you make yours from?

  2. Well this particular curry was more of a “dry curry” in that it didn’t really have sauce so much as curry spices stuck to the vegetables (dry curry is much more manageable for bento).

    Basically, for a dry curry I just combine garam masala and chana masala powders (I use pre-made, see if you can find an Indian grocer’s, they’re great!), with paprika and maybe tumeric. I chop up the onion, saute it in some water, add the other vegetables as necessary, dump the powder over everything, add more water as necessary, so that the powder forms a sort of paste that sticks to everything, rather than a sauce.

    For a wet curry, I’d look into some Thai recipes, using coconut milk or the like. Did I manage to even answer your question in my vignette here? lol

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