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Vegan Bento #10

bento 10 001

Top tier: vegetable curry, redux (good thing it’s delicious, or I’d be mighty sick of it!).

Bottom tier: dry-roasted garlic green peas (yellow cup), diced mix of dried rockmelon, papaya and mango (orange cup), bhuja mix (pink cup). Snowpea sprouts at the front, and a layer of sultanas with a few dry-roasted chickpeas over the top.

Assorted: pink lady apple, seasoned nori sheets, lychee gummy sweet, blueberry hard sweet, and a blueberry and flaxseed muesli bar.

I need to find something else that’s compact, and filling (or I need to start forcing myself to eat a substantial breakfast). Before you judge me for being a massive guts: this is a children’s sized bento! And I do rely on this to get me through almost 9 straight hours of standing up!


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