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Vegan Bento #11

Back to the adult-sized bento today, and the last of the curry!

adult sized bento

Top tier L-R: dry-roasted garlic green peas, purple grapes, snowpea sprouts (under the grapes), carrot animal shapes, home-made dried fruit mix (sultanas, mango, rockmelon, papaya), and dry-roasted chickpeas.

Bottom tier L-R: the last of the vegetable curry!

Assorted: Orgran blueberry bar (the best gluten free/vegan snack bar out there!!!), seasoned nori, lychee gummy, blueberry hard sweet, and a pink lady apple. I also took a banana, because you can never have too much fruit!


Comments on: "Vegan Bento #11" (1)

  1. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Thanks for the tips about the curry đŸ˜€ . That was really helpful.

    Another day, another Bento. I love your carrot shapes recently – so cute!

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