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Vegan Bento #13

vegan bento 13

Left: steamed spinach with shoyu/sesame oil/garlic ‘dressing’, shoyu sesame seeds, and carrot animal shapes.

Top tier L-R: dry-roasted chickpeas overlain with nori bite rice crackers, mixture of home-made chopped dried fruit (sultanas, papaya, rockmelon, mango), and a strawberry mochi ball (yellow cup).

Bottom tier L-R: bhuja mix (pink cup), pre-made veggie roast cut into animal shapes (orange cup), dry-roasted garlic green peas (yellow cup), red grapes and snow-pea sprouts.

I actually have had a really bad stomach bug for a couple of days, so I ate like 1/3 of this. In other news… Wooo! 13 bento posts! As a bonus, here is a picture of my MonokuroBoo bento set:

monokuroboo bento set


Comments on: "Vegan Bento #13" (5)

  1. I love your bentos, I really want to start making them to spice up my lunch!

    Also, I hope you are feeling better 🙂

  2. Where did you find your Monokuro Boo bento? I’m dying to own one, as well as a Nightmare Before Christmas bento as well.

  3. Hi Jen! I got the MonokuroBoo one from eBay, but be warned, they are EXTREMELY hard to get! I think there may be one or two on eBay at the moment – just remember to look in international sellers, as you’ll generally only be able to find them in Japan. I’ve seen a few NBC ones on eBay in the last couple of days too. Good luck!

  4. Thanks I actually just found one today that is the same as yours, which is the one I’ve been looking for. What’s funny is the bento is in Europe, and they don’t ship to Japan, which is where I am. So I had to tell them to ship it to my Ship-It-APO account. But no luck so far with the NBC ones, I just keep finding bags, bedding, and a thermos.

  5. Hi again! I know that this seller has had a NBC bento as recently as a day or two ago, and they still have NBC bento accessories. Maybe see if they relist it, or even send them a query asking if they have any more? I found the MonokuroBoo one by asking a seller who had previously listed one. Hope this helps 🙂

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