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Vegan Bento #19

vegan bento 19

Top tier: two strawberries, homemade dried fruit mix (papaya, rockmelon, pineapple, mango), and vanilla almonds & red peanuts (in the cat cup).

Bottom tier: dry-roasted green peas (yellow cup), seaweed twists, dry-roasted chickpeas, dry-roasted edamame, TVP jerky.

The “Haw” roll to the side is a roll of dry pressed crushed hawthorn berries; I bought a bunch of them in Chinatown as a random and very cheap purchase, and they’re weird yet delicious. And I included a the gratuitously cute lid – yes, it’s a children’s bento. What can I say, ‘Lilo & Stitch’ is one of the very few Disney films that I’ll happily watch. Mainly because Stitch is awesome (and reminds me of my devilish-yet-strangely-loveable brother).


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  1. I love the cat cup and the Lilo & Stitch bento!

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