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Vegan Bento #21

vegan bento 21

Top tier L-R: dry-roasted chickpeas, sugared lotus root, dried guava, vanilla almond, pepitas and sunflower seeds (yellow cup), home-made dried fruit mix (papaya, pinapple, mango and rockmelon) with a couple of red peanuts on top, strawberry mochi (yellow cup).

Bottom tier: chickpea, broccoli and seitan curry with brown rice.


Comments on: "Vegan Bento #21" (5)

  1. Nice bento! It seems really yummy!

  2. Did you make the mochi? I have a recipe that I want to try, I just hope I have the right flour!

    And I hope to see you this Sunday at the Cruelty Free Festival! I am volunteering from 7.30am 🙂

  3. And Happy Birthday for a week ago! xox

  4. Hi Mandee! I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see you at the Cruelty Free Festival, I was there from 12:00! Nope, didn’t make the mochi, I don’t think I have the patience lol, hope to see some delicious looking ones on your blog soon though 😉

  5. I was there from 7.30am until about 3pm! I was hoping I would recognise you but I didn’t 😦

    Where did you buy the mochi?

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