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Lately, an absurd amount of people seem to be asking “pfft, what can you even eat, if you can’t eat dairy or meat???” Apparently forgetting that these only comprise the minority of food-groups (there are only a very limited number of meats people generally eat, compared to how many different grains and vegetables there are). So, I thought that, as an example I’d present you with this somewhat facetious list.

15 Things I Wouldn’t Have Tried Before Becoming Vegan

  1. Nutritional yeast
  2. Agave nectar
  3. Meghli (Lebanese rice pudding)
  4. Rice malt syrup
  5. Roasted chickpeas
  6. Vegan cheese (kind of cheating, but in a hurry)
  7. Wakame (seaweed)
  8. Ao-tosaka salad (another type of seaweed)
  9. Arame (another type of seaweed)
  10. Hijiki (yet another seaweed)
  11. Goji berries – not necessarily a miracle healthfood, but damn tasty
  12. Raw pepitas
  13. Dried rockmelon (love!)
  14. Tempeh
  15. Liquid smoke

These are in no particular order, and were basically just “what is within eyesight in the kitchen”. This list will be followed soon with a list of “15 things I never would have made from scratch if I hadn’t become vegan”, so stay tuned!

(Note: this is also tagged “politics” because it relates to the politics of food. More on this will be discussed at a later date.)


Comments on: "$10 Says My Diet is More Varied Than Yours (Part 1)" (3)

  1. It’s so true, I now eat many different types of food compared to when I was omni.

  2. This is a great post. There are plenty of foods I never would have tried if I hadn’t of gone vegan, and I’m very glad all of them are now a part of my diet.

  3. I’m a vegetarian, and my parents have just turned vegan. I recognised half your list as items in our cupboard 🙂

    And we have been treated to so many yummy vegan meals at home, there’s no way I’d wish for anything to go back to how it was. I’d love to hear some of your recipes 🙂

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