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Essentially Zen

This is another of my religious ‘articles’ that I wrote when I was 17 or so – it’s still very thought-provoking. Also, my main computer has died, so all my pictures and writings are in data limbo at the moment. So expect some old and random stuff!

These are some of my core (non-theological) beliefs. I think that most of these are actually derived from Zen teachings, others are appropriated from various philosophical and theological works that I have read over the years (and there have been many). I’m not saying these should be your core beliefs; everyone has their own perspective, and you should always think for yourself and work out what your own are. But maybe these will give you something to think about.

  1. There is no past and no future, there is only this moment, here and now.
  2. Do not hold onto the past – learn from it what you can, then release it to the universe.
  3. Nothing in life is fair or unfair, it simply is. Do with it what you can.
  4. The cost of free will is a conscience and sense of responsibility.
  5. People change; do not continue old and obsolete behaviours because you feel obliged to act consistently with your past. Every moment you are – and can become – a new person.
  6. Always think for yourself; question everything, including yourself.
  7. Accept emotions as they come, reflect on them, learn from them. Then release them and move on.
  8. Melodramatic lives or emotional imbalances garner attention, it’s true. But ask yourself; is (self-imposed) unhappiness is really worth that attention?
  9. Be helpful and polite where possible, but remain true to yourself first and foremost.
  10. Friendship is based in contradiction; once you realise that you don’t need friends, you’ll find true ones, based on actual respect, rather than clinging to the empty need for a friendship that isn’t there. It may not be instant, but it’s better than poisoning your life with empty relationships.
  11. Appreciate the beauty of everything that is around you.
  12. The more you realise the worth of the simple aspects of life, the less you’ll care for the convoluted or trivial ones.
  13. Find your values, then question and evaluate them. Stay true to them.
  14. Nothing is permanent, good or bad.
  15. If a problem is worth worrying about, do something to change it. If it isn’t worth worrying about, then don’t.
  16. Taking the ‘moral highground’, or walking away, may feel like losing the battle, but in the long run, you’ll be a better person for being able to sacrifice the trivial (the need to ‘be right’ or ‘win’) for the important (realising that being recognised as in the ‘right’ doesn’t matter). Never feel the need to point out that you are walking away; just do it.

Thus ends the ramble.


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  2. So awesome. πŸ™‚ Tweeting the link to thix. x

  3. Oh wow, glad you liked it! BTW, what’s your Twitter name? I want to follow you but it won’t tell me. Or I’m going mad! lol

  4. there’s some fod for thought to go with my pumpkin minestrone for lunch – very interesting and I agree with a whole lot, thanks for posting

  5. I stumbled on to your blog completely by accident and started scrolling. Found this and, wow, it’s an odd sensation to find your beliefs in someone elses words. I’m glad you dragged this one up πŸ™‚

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