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Welcome to 2011

After the hectic insanity of last year, I’m pleased to announce the return of A Secret Garden! Thanks to everyone who has continued to browse my blog, and my apologies for having taken such a long hiatus from posting. Rest assured, in 2011 you can look forward to more vegan bento, recipes, photographs, book and film reviews, and loads more!

Starting tomorrow, there will be a run of vegan bento posts, interspersed with the occasional photograph and book reviews. But first, a quick review of the year that was:

  • Finished my Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Archaeology and Celtic Studies) – just Honours to go!

  • Got contract work as a real-life archaeologist.

  • Moved into a share-house (which has, unfortunately, greatly reduced how much I’m able to cook and photograph the results).

  • Managed to not suffer any major injuries!

  • Discovered several new fandoms (in fanfiction), which cut into my blogging time significantly; expect some more film reviews in the days to come.

  • Read 160+ books, some for fun, some for study, including one book sa Ghaeilge (in Irish).

  • Was incapacitated with illness for far too much of the year.

Some major changes, some not-so-major changes; in any case, it’s a new year, and hopefully this one will be a damn sight better than the last one!

Keep an eye out for the return of the mad vegan blogger!


Comments on: "Welcome to 2011" (3)

  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging! Have missed your posts a great deal! Let’s do some cooking soon and you can photograph and cook all you like at my place. The offer is there anytime.

    Well done on finishing your BA, esp with how ill you’ve been. Quite an achievement!

  2. Thank you, dear! 🙂 And definitely, will let you know when I’m back in Sydney.

  3. I’m so glad you’ve returned. 😀 Have really missed seeing your posts pop up in my Google Reader!

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