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Vegan Bento #44

Behold! The return of vegan bento blogging! And to start things right, here’s a bento containing largely traditional Japanese bento ingredients;

  • Yellow box; homemade avocado and marinated enoki mushroom sushi, with soy sauce in a bunny bottle.

  • Red box; boiled edamame beans, with soy sauce in a panda bottle.

  • Purple box; leftover ao-tosaka (seaweed) salad from the Asian grocery store, topped with fresh snowpeas and avocado chunks.

  • Blue box; two home-made (no, not the skins, that’s way too devoted!) inari rolls, and a strawberry flavoured mochi ball.

This one was made a while ago, but was definitely a recipe for success. I’ve now acquired an authentic-styled obento box, which naturally begs to be filled with traditional goodies such as these!


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