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I’ve been baking a lot lately, and branching out more. Everything you see here is vegan (of course!) and made with a combination of brown rice flour and rice bran; 100% gluten free. This post is part 1 of 2.

Caramel slice (from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur).

“Milks’ Favourite Cookie”, also from the VCC. But I adapted it a bit, and they turned out more like cakey things, with chocolate or orange butter cream icing filling.

In progress:


And finally, I think I’ve perfected my “classic” choc chip cookie recipe! Here are the results:

Watch this space, I’ll be posting the recipe for these delicious goodies in the next few days!

Also, dear readers, give me some insight; would reviews of cookbooks be a welcome addition to this site? Let me know in the comments!”


Comments on: "Food Pr0n: the Vegan Baking Extravaganza! (Part 1)" (2)

  1. Cookbook reviews would be a great addition and now I feel like a couple of choc chip cookies!

  2. It’s so awesome to have such a perfect gf alternative to the classic choc chip cookie! I’ll post the recipe soon. đŸ™‚ And will cook up some cook book reviews!

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