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Welcome to part 5 of the Vegan Baking Extravaganza, otherwise known as “I bake obsessively for recreation and relaxation”. 😀 In this special installment, I’ll be sharing pictures of the various SWEETS AND CHOCOLATES of which I’ve made vegan versions lately. The following is proof that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any of your old favourite foods – minus the cruelty!

The Australian classic, chocolate freckles. They’re super easy to make – I just poured melted chocolate into the bottoms of my silicon muffin moulds, added vegan sprinkles, and left them to set. Tah dah!

Cookies and cream chocolate bars. Melt vegan white chocolate (I use Sweet Williams brand) carefully – it burns very easily! Mix in crushed Oreos (it’s even more delicious if you just crush the whole biscuit, “cream” and all), pour into moulds, and put in fridge to set.

I’ve gotten pretty good at making my own soft-centre chocolates. I’m particularly partial to strawberry and pineapple. Like Cadbury Snack bars, but without all the nasty additives and unnecessary animal products!

And finally, possibly my proudest chocolatiering creation, white chocolates with white chocolate peanut butter centres… in the shape and colour of Lego blocks:

Bought the moulds on eBay, in a pack with Lego men moulds – stay tuned to see the chocolate Lego men in the near future!

Comments on: "Food pr0n: the Vegan Baking Extravaganza (Part 5 – Sweets Special)" (4)

  1. Vegan cookies and cream chocolate bar???!!! You’re killing me over here! Everything is so pretty and looks delectable.

  2. Heh, they’re pretty delicious – and surprisingly easy to make (hint!). 😉

  3. Everything looks do good!!

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