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With this installment, we return to our regular schedule of delicious vegan baked goods. Of course, these aren’t everything I’ve made – strangely enough, some goodies don’t last long enough to be photographed! Here are the ones that I snapped pictures of before they were snapped up.

Chocolate brownies with white chocolate chips (based on the recipe in Vegan Planet), with chocolate “fudge icing”. Basically, just beat together vegan butter, vanilla extract, Dutch-processed cocoa and a tonne of icing sugar until you get the consistency you want.

Above brownies, en masse.

White chocolate skeletons (moulds from the ever-fantastic eBay), which I was planning on inserting into the brownies, buuuuut… we ended up just eating them as is. 😛

Chocolate coated Oreos! The ones at the front are chocolate-cream Oreos coated in Sweet Williams “milk” chocolate. The ones at the back are special edition “ice-cream” Oreos, coated in Sweet Williams white chocolate (which is a little lumpy because it got a little burned… whoops!).

So remember, dear readers… never overestimate how long it takes white chocolate to melt!

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