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Reposted from HERE. Warning for potentially triggering content.

“She He asked for the rape mugging.

She He was wearing an mini skirt expensive suit in a badly-lit area what did he expect? We know men muggers see an expensive suit and thing sex cash. Women men should avoid dressing like sluts rich pricks to avoid getting raped mugged.

She he had also been drinking. Everyone knows that drunk women men like to have sex give away their money.

She he didn’t fight back, that clearly means that he agreed to have sex give away money. Besides which she’sugly he’s given to charity in the past, how can he say that he didn’t want to give his money away to anyone?

We all know that some women like to cry rape.
We all know that some men like to cry mugging.

Maybe it was just a case of waking up the next morning and regretting having sex giving away cash.

Why did she he agree to have drinks with the rapist mugger? She he should have known better than to drink with a rapist mugger… she he should know to stay home after dark. She he could be raped mugged.

Husbands can’t rape their wives.
Wives can’t steal from their husbands.

Going to the police is going to destroy the rapist’s mugger’s family, you do understand that don’t you? Besides which the rapist mugger SAID sorry! What more do you WANT?

It was just harmless fun a few dollars… it wasn’t like the rapist mugger was going to rape take the victim’s life savings.

It was just a misunderstanding, a he said, she said. The rapist mugger thought it was consensual.

Educated rapists muggers don’t rape steal other people’s money.

Powerful people don’t rape steal.

The rapist mugger was actually quite wealthy, I think we can see where this heading.

You know you should take it as a compliment someone wants to rape you steal your money.

He was wearing expensive clothes.

He was just asking for it.”


Comments on: "Repost: “Asking For It” (A Satirical Look at the ‘Justification’ of Rape)" (4)

  1. thesecond said:

    That sounds pretty normal. People regularly tease victims of mugging for wearing expensive stuff (more normally phones, jewels) or for going in the wrong regions, or for walking alone after dark.

    It’s only women that get super special crime treatment. When a man has a crime done against him no one except close family members and friends care. Victim blaming is normal.

  2. It’s hard to tell via text, but I hope you’re being sardonic. The “super special crime treatment for women” (I assume you mean prosecuting rapists) occurs because there’s a rather LARGE difference between being mugged and being raped. And women are generally blamed by the police, judicial system, and even their families, for rape, even if they “did nothing wrong” (which they didn’t, because no-one asks to be mugged or raped).

  3. thesecond said:

    No one asks to be mugged or raped, but there’s lots of precautions you can take to avoid being mugged or raped. That’s what most of those things are. And as a guy, i can tell you that when another guy gets a crime done against him he is teased about doing obviously silly things like going out alone at dark while drunk and swinging his 200 dollar iphone around.

    The super special crime treatment for women involves sexist treatment for women- because they’re so special you can’t do the same thing you do with men with them. The presumption of this post was that it was absurd anyone would do the above about mugging. People do tease mugged people as though they were asking for it. As long as they’re male.

  4. “No one asks to be mugged or raped”; and no decent human being would mock anyone for being mugged OR raped, irrespective of gender. I’ve had friends who’ve been mugged, both male and female, and the standard response is sympathy and asking if they’re ok, not to start mocking and/or blaming them. See, you can avoid sexism entirely by just being a decent person who treats all humans with the same dignity and respect. Try it some time.

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