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Welcome back to part 7 in the ongoing series of pictures of delicious foodstuffs. In any case, I do plenty of baking to provide subject matter for this series; it’s my anti-boredom device. My delicious, delicious anti-boredom device. 😀

Here’s a creation of my own invention, of which I am very proud:

I baked a layer of marzipan (in my rectangular silicon moulds, which I love), then melted a layer of vegan marshmallows (I picked up a couple of bags of Dandies a while back, and can’t recommend them highly enough). I then topped it off with a layer of melted dark chocolate. Very rich, and very good.

My original recipe for classic chocolate chip cookies – FINALLY ONLINE HERE.

Various soft-centred dark chocolates (strawberry, cherry, pineapple, peppermint, raspberry, orange). Check out the adorable dinosaurs!

Comments on: "Food pr0n: the Vegan Baking Extravaganza (Part 7)" (1)

  1. I love marzipan… and marshmallows… and chocolate… Your bars sound absolutely delicious!

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