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Welcome to the second installment of the new Book of Shadows category! This post illustrates the several steps taken in creating a full-page knotwork design.

First, it’s pencilled in, and then inked in black around the edges;

Once all the outlines have been inked, the whole page is cleaned up with an eraser (I use a 2B pencil for the drafting, so there tends to be a bit of smudged graphite across the page, in addition to the drafting itself);

Finally, the whole thing is coloured – for full page designs I tend to use Faber-Castell connector textas, which are nice and bright but don’t seep through the page. For smaller designs, I colour them using extremely fine-tipped felt pens. I then highlight the edges using appropriately-coloured metallic pens (unfortunately, this doesn’t show up very well in this picture);

Stay tuned for more photographs of the lettering process, and the illuminated details scattered throughout!


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