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Hello all, it’s been quite a while since I had time/motivation to update this blog – sorry about that. IRL I’ve been working and studying through TAFE, as well as having become the mum to a beautiful little cat; between these and sleeping, I haven’t had much energy for blogging.

Now that I’ve mostly settled into a routine, I’ll do my best to update more frequently. I’ve plenty of material, having been cooking, baking, reading and film-watching an awful lot; and thinking, of course. Always thinking!

So I’m a parent now… the good kind, involving a kitty, not a squalling snotty human spawn. His name is Remy Le Beau, AKA Gambit, AKA Captain Snugglepants. He looooooves belly rubs, sticking his head in my shoes, cuddling and generally being adorable.

Here are some pictures of him:

Gambit shoes 1

He really loves my shoes, and dirty socks – see below.

Gambit shoes 2

“What? I’m a normal cat! Totally!”

Gambit sleeping

On my bed.


On his bed, with his snuggly blanket (he LOVES being tucked in).

Gambit's sock buddy

In his bed, using my dirty sock as a pillow (he dragged it in himself, hilarious).

I have so very, very many more photographs of him. But stay tuned for my Samhain 2013 altar – it’s pretty damn awesome.


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