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Samhain 2013 Altar

An overview:

Samhain 2013 Altar

Close up:

Samhain 2013 Altar Close

Lit by candlelight:

Samhain 2013 Altar candle

Bonus pretty candlelight shot:

Samhain Altar Candlelit bonus

Anyone curious about what’s actually on the altar, let me know!


Sacred Art: The Sabbats (series)

I’ve completed another ‘series’ of watercolour paintings, this time depicting each of the Sabbats. They’re roughly based on the Sabbat cards from my oracle card deck, although rather more detailed!

Here are the first 4, plus the Wheel of the Year poster I also did;

1. Wheel of the Year

Sabbat Painting WotY

2. Beltaine

Sabbat Painting Beltaine

3. Imbolg

Sabbat Painting Imbolg

4. Litha

Sabbat Painting Litha

5. Mabon

Sabbat Painting Mabon

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post!

Altars Past and Present

Sorry for yet another long hiatus. Life has been both busy and complex, as is generally the way. I am trying!

So I was going through some old computer files and found several of my old altars (2003-2005). Here’s a look at some of my altars over the years, along with my current set-up; from small and hidden in a cupboard to an entire devoted altar room!

2003 Overview
Altar 2003

2003 Close Up
Altar 2003 Close

2004 Overview
Altar 2004

2004 Close Up
Altar 2004 Close

2005 Overview
Altar 2005

2005 Close Up
Altar 2005 Close

And now to the near-present! September 2012 Altar Room
September altar room

September 2012 Altar
September altar

November 2012 Altar
Altar Nov 2012

November 2012 Altar Candle-lit
Altar candlelit

Join me next time for some artsy photographs of snow, and the finished product of my oracle card deck!

Sacred Art; The Goddess Brighid

Lately I’ve been branching out, art-wise, and experimenting with different media. I’m particularly taken with permanent texta and watercolour pencils on canvas. I’ve done a couple of different pieces, including a ‘devotional’ piece to one of my two patron Goddesses; Brighid.

From left to right, Brighid in her triple aspects as; the Healer, the Flame of Inspiration, and the Smith/Fferyllt. There are gold metallic details, too, but they don’t show up very well in the photo.

BoS: Full Page Bird Design

Welcome to today’s installment of the Book of Shadows sampler, which looks at the steps taken in creating a full-page knotwork design. In this instance, the main design is a bird-motif knotwork panel (design taken from Complete Celtic Designs) with decorated corners.

1. Pencilling the main design;

2. Pencilling the corner decorations, and inking the main design;

3. Inking, intermediary and final;

4. Colouring with inks;

5. Highlighting using metallic pens;

And with that, we have a beautifully decorated full page design!

BoS: Overview of Finished Pages

While I try and take “in progress” photographs of my work, there are generally about 12 pages of unphotographed material to every detailed post I make here. So, I will intermittently take photographs of the completed pages to present these “overviews” of the whole Book of Shadows.

Tah dah! Stay tuned for more of the Book of Shadows project, coming soon.

NeoPagan Arts and Crafts: Box of Sorrows

As part of my practice, I sometimes make things that I continue to use outside of the context of a spell, ritual, etc. Recently, I encountered an idea in a psychology text (I can’t remember which one off of the top of my head) that suggested an exercise that effectively incorporates visualisation and ritualistic dedication, i.e. some of the cornerstones of NeoPagan practice.

Basically, the idea is to create a box/some kind of receptacle that can absorb and contain negative emotions. For example, if you’re feeling angry at someone, use coloured pens, pencils, whatever to draw/write out your feelings on a piece of paper. Really feel the anger, and pour it out on to the page. Then tear it up into pieces, visualising its hold on you dissipating, and place it inside the box. The box then contains the anger, and you have released it from your mind.

It may sound rather hippy-ish, but it’s a great way to vent, release stress, etc. With that in mind, I created my own “Box of Sorrows” (or, “Rage Cube”);

It’s a box that I painted black on the outside, red on the inside. I then added Celtic knotwork details and a symbolic lock on the front. The picture is taken out of a damaged copy of The Plucker, and I thought it looked appropriate. A better picture of it is this;

Tah dahhhh!

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