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January 2012 Altar

As part of my attempts to re-establish some kind of meaningful spiritual belief/practice, I have actually been taking care of my altar! Which looks like this (albeit less blurry in real life):

And an equally slightly blurry close-up:

Yes, that is a picture of Aragorn and Arwen from LotR up there. What can I say, the characters epitomise the Goddess/God in their effectively medieval incarnation. Fair, just, strong, capable partners; exactly what the Gods ought to be. The tarot cards are from the Druidcraft Tarot, and the little flourite Kwan Yin and bowl (containing a piece of rose quartz) are my current source of meditative contemplation.

Also, I put fairy lights up around the altar. Must take pictures soon. 😉

Kwan Yin Altar

Sorry it’s a bit blurry, I shake a lot and my camera is old and doesn’t auto-stabilise!

Kwan Yin statue, two lotus candle-holders (one gold, one silver – solar and lunar) with sandalwood tealights, a lotus candle, a jade Kwan Yin statue & piece of kunzite, rose quartz pig and rabbit, offering bowl (with fruit, nuts, seeds and incense), and my rosewood mala beads.

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