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Photo round-up: Narooma

I forgot to mention my exciting news… I bought a new battery for my camera!! Now it lasts for hours and hours and hours, not 45 minutes (if I was lucky). HAAHAHAHAHAH!! But seriously, it makes life so much better/easier. 😀

That being said, here are some pictures from several trips to the south coast, Narooma beach and mangroves to be precise.

The Narooma Hole

The Narooma hole – we saw seals on the same day!!! Very exciting.

Narooma cliffs good

Shell Hunting - Copy

My beautiful and photogenic friend Rachel.

Exploring the Mangroves - Copy

Rachel and her boyfriend Josh, hunting for shells. (I myself found a whole sea urchin shell, I was most pleased!)

Mangroves at Sunset

Sea Grapes

And my camera battery is still going strong, muahahahah! Stay tuned for more photo uploads, including some awesome abandoned rural houses…

Sacred Art: Om Mani Padme Hum

Hallo all, welcome to the latest belated update from the laziest blogger in town! I actually painted these quite some time ago, but somehow forgot to photograph them. The mandala patterns in the centre come from a copyright-free book of designs, and the process of drawing/painting them is extremely meditative in itself.

The phrase om mani padme hum is probably the most popular Buddhist chant used for meditation. The actual meaning of the phrase is complicated and multi-faceted, so I will refer you to this website for its meaning.

All together now:

Om Mani Padme Hum











Stay tuned for my series of chakra paintings!

Photo round-up: Rural Ruins

A few weeks back, my dad and I did some exploring of an abandoned mid-19th-C building complex, and it had some awesome photo opportunities; not to mention being a really cool place to have a look around. Here are some of my favourites:

1. A Lonely Life

A Lonely Life

2. Threshold (my personal favourite)


3. Sun in the Sty

Sun in the Sty

4. Glacial (the geology in the Cooma-Monaro area is endlessly fascinating!)


5. Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

6. Domestic Debris

Domestic Debris

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for pictures of my cat. 😛

Photo round-up: Mechanics 101

Here is a somewhat disparate collection of photographs of various disused mechanical objects, taken in a variety of locations.

1. Dried Out and Used Up (Taken at an abandoned retirement village)


2. Pressure Valve (Taken at the White Bay Power Station)

Pressure Valve

3. Experiments in Hue (Taken at above; as the title suggests, this one was largely an experiment in hues and tones)

Experiments in hue

Any comments and questions are more than welcome! Stay tuned for an update, and more pictures of my cat. 😛

Sacred Art: The Sabbats (Series), Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of pretty watercolour pictures of the Wiccan Sabbats (see part one here)! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been rather busy ‘IRL’, dealing with the horrific administrative clusterfuck that is tertiary education in this state/country.

1. Lughnasadh

Sabbat Painting Lughnasadh

2. Ostara

Sabbat Painting Ostara

3. Samhain – one of my personal favourites, I’m very pleased with the skull!

Sabbat Painting Samhain

4. Yule

Sabbat Painting Yule

I’ve already started another mini-series of watercolours, revolving around mandala designs and the meditative chant Om ma ni padme hum. Stay tuned!

Sacred Art: The Sabbats (series)

I’ve completed another ‘series’ of watercolour paintings, this time depicting each of the Sabbats. They’re roughly based on the Sabbat cards from my oracle card deck, although rather more detailed!

Here are the first 4, plus the Wheel of the Year poster I also did;

1. Wheel of the Year

Sabbat Painting WotY

2. Beltaine

Sabbat Painting Beltaine

3. Imbolg

Sabbat Painting Imbolg

4. Litha

Sabbat Painting Litha

5. Mabon

Sabbat Painting Mabon

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post!

Time Travel: Photographs of Old Things

For your viewing pleasure, a collection of photographs of ‘old things’ from various times and places.

1. Cooma Station

Cooma station

2. Take a Step Back in Time (from the Abandoned abattoir series)

Take a Step Back (in Time)

3. Freedom Glimps’d (also from the Abandoned abattoir series)

Freedom Glimps'd

4. Only Dust Dances Now – the reclaimed music hall at a disused Power Station

Only Dust Dances Now

5. Remembrance in Repose (in the Cooma pioneer cemetery)

Remembrance in Repose

Stay tuned for my next post, which will most likely feature delicious food!

Sacred Art: Green Tara and The Morrighan

Yet another installment in my “Goddess” series of paintings, using watercolours on cheap canvas.

The first painting draws upon Hindu lore, and depicts the Green Tara, along with her mantra in Sanskrit at the top (Om tare tuttare ture soha);

Green Tara painting

This one one I actually did specifically as a present for my sister, though keeping it to myself was awfully tempting. It’s a very “pretty” version of the Irish war Goddess The Morrighan, and the skulls are painted silver;

Morrighan painting

And here’s a bonus “symbolism painting” I did (it’s rather basic), depicting the ‘sunset’ of Christianity and the ‘sunrise’ of Earth-based worship;

Pagan painting 001

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

(Does anyone else find it really stupid that they play Christmas carols about snow and winter in Australia? I.e. where it is the SUMMER solstice? Thanks Christianity, for ripping off pagan holidays and trying to pass them off as your own, completely screwing up the cycle of festivals that are directly tied to the seasons!![/sarcasm])

Nonetheless, I have been sorting and editing photographs from earlier this year, including pictures from Kiandra in the Kosciuszko National Park, this past winter;

1. Drift


2. Crisp Contrast

Clear Contrast

3. Untitled (SUGGESTIONS?)

Little Lake

4. Tundra


That’s it for now, stay tuned for pictures of food and my epic Lego mansion I’ve been building!

‘Magick in Daily Life’ Oracle Deck – Coloured!

As you have probably seen, I started designing and creating my own oracle cards around the idea of NeoPaganism in daily life; here are the black and white versions. I actually finished this a long time ago, I just have been so slack with blogging that I hadn’t uploaded the pictures; here they are, including some close-ups of my favourite cards.

Oracle Cards - Coloured

My favourite cards, in no particular order:

Card - Nature

Card - Ostara

Card - Mabon

Card - Cycle of Life and Death

Stay tuned for more NeoPagan art, and a tonne of photographs!

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