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So My Cat Loves to Brush His Teeth…

At the vet’s recommendation, I bought a child’s toothbrush for my cat. I wasn’t sure how he would take to it, but I need not have worried…

He LOVES his toothbrush! He’ll let me brush his teeth for 20+ minutes, and he often brushes them himself. I leave the toothbrush on the floor, and he frequently has a good ol’ chew on it. Too cute!!!!

Let Me Tell You About My Cat

Wow, it sure has been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been keeping busy with all manner of things, many of which I have photographed. But, to be honest, I haven’t felt much like communicating with anyone, in real life or online. On the whole, I’m burned out on humans in general.

That being said, my little big man is the light of my life, not to mention the love of it! So, I figure it’s fitting that my attempt to re-invigorate this blog begins with a post about my cat;

Yawny kitty

Remy Le Beau
AKA Gambit
AKA Prince Snugglytoes, Spaz Captain, Cuddlebutt

Gambit mirror

How we met:
My neighbour took in a pregnant stray, who then had Gambit. I started playing with him when he was about 5 weeks old, and we both soon fell in love. He gradually came to spend more and more time with me, and I formally adopted him when he was about 4 months old. He’s now a little over a year – his birthday is three days after mine!

Stretchy sleepies

His hobbies and favourite things:
– Shadowcat (see below); wrestling and cuddling with her
– BELLY RUBS! Cannot emphasise this enough – the standing record is 45 straight minutes of belly rubs before my hand cramped. He was still totally into it; he kneads me as hard as he can, drools, and gets this hilarious look on his face. Unfortunately I don’t have a hand free to take a picture
– Eating flies. Whether he catches them, or I swat them, he looooves crunching them

Gambit and Shadowcat

His bestest friend:
I have a semi-second cat; I have dubbed her Shadowcat, AKA Kitty Pride. Her and Gambit are the BEST FRIENDS EVER. They like to spend all day together, sleep together, and are generally inseparable. Her owners don’t take great care of her, and she was living with me for several months until recently.

The Demon Kitty

She recently got knocked up by a stray, and had her kittens under my bed! She proudly picked one up and dropped it in my lap, showing off. Too cute. At the moment she’s back living with her actual owners while she cares for the kittens, then we’ll see. She’s a cranky, adorable tiny thing, who has a penchant for sleeping on my head while purring like a motorboat.

Zombie kitteh eats brains

Gambit misses her sleeping in here; for the first week he was constantly getting up, making me open the door so he could call out for her, as he does whenever she hasn’t come in yet. Poor little man. And she keeps trying to stay in my house, crying and bolting back in when I put her out. Poor little girl.

Gambit and Shadowcat, ying and yang

Every day is a delightful adventure when you share it with a cat (or two)!

Pictures of My Cat: “This is How I Sleep”

Welcome to the new section of this blog, Pictures of My Cat! I take many, many photographs of Gambit, due to his overwhelming cuteness at all times. Here are some of them;

Gambit This is How I Sleep

These are all taken on different days, he just sleeps like this most of the time!

Gambit Lookit that Belly

Lookit that fluffy white belly, begging to be rubbed! Which he absolutely loooooves…

Gambit sleeping

He also loves sleeping with his tongue poking out. Maybe just to be even more adorable.

Gambit Woke Up

“What are you doing, human?”

I’m Back! And with a cat…

Hello all, it’s been quite a while since I had time/motivation to update this blog – sorry about that. IRL I’ve been working and studying through TAFE, as well as having become the mum to a beautiful little cat; between these and sleeping, I haven’t had much energy for blogging.

Now that I’ve mostly settled into a routine, I’ll do my best to update more frequently. I’ve plenty of material, having been cooking, baking, reading and film-watching an awful lot; and thinking, of course. Always thinking!

So I’m a parent now… the good kind, involving a kitty, not a squalling snotty human spawn. His name is Remy Le Beau, AKA Gambit, AKA Captain Snugglepants. He looooooves belly rubs, sticking his head in my shoes, cuddling and generally being adorable.

Here are some pictures of him:

Gambit shoes 1

He really loves my shoes, and dirty socks – see below.

Gambit shoes 2

“What? I’m a normal cat! Totally!”

Gambit sleeping

On my bed.


On his bed, with his snuggly blanket (he LOVES being tucked in).

Gambit's sock buddy

In his bed, using my dirty sock as a pillow (he dragged it in himself, hilarious).

I have so very, very many more photographs of him. But stay tuned for my Samhain 2013 altar – it’s pretty damn awesome.

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