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Kitten-Sitting Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of ridiculous cuteness, courtesy of photographs of cat and kittens. The neighbours who own them have suddenly moved, so no more kitty cuddles for me… somewhat devestated. At least I have memories, and pictures:

Snuggles 2

Snuggles 3

Snuggles 4


Tiny feet

Tiny paws

Under mum's watchful eye


Winky's belly


I already miss them terribly…

BONUS: A hilarious comic about passive-aggressive veganism via feline.


Sorry for the delay in updating, I spent the past week and a bit at my dad’s, in order to take care of his neighbour’s cat Princess and her day-old kittens. Princess is my surrogate kitty, whom I love and who loves me, and the kittens are CUTE BEYOND BELIEF! There were four kittens, but she only has two teats, so only two lived past a few days; these two I named Winky and Boofhead.

In between squeeing at the kittens and cuddling Princess (and later, the kittens), I took a couple of hundred photographs of them. Here is part 1 of 2 lots of cat photo’s!


3 kittens close up

3 kittens fighting

3 kittens


Boofhead and Winky


Feeding 2

Feeding time



Holding hands

Keeping watch

Poor tired mum

Stay tuned for more gratuitously cute photo’s!

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