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A Day in the Life Of…

(Or, “elfmage has actually left the house and had contact with other human beings!”)

Beltaine 08 motivated me to get out in the (NeoPagan) community more, so I decided to take the leap and go to the Seven Hills full moon circle, run by PAN, last night. I was a bit hesitant to go, what with being sick and having a few crap weeks, but it was awesome. Last night was quite focused on grounding, which was precisely what I need at the moment; even the energy raised (Which usually makes me go totally loopy, as though I’m some sort of magical lightning rod :P) just focused and settled me. It was brilliant, and I look forward to next month, which I’ll definitely be attending.

It’s still a thrill to meet other NeoPagans, and it’s a pleasant surprise to discover that there’s such an awesome community life in Sydney. Maybe most of the trolls stay on forums rather than brave the real world. Anyway, looking forward to NeoPagans in the pub tonight, and distracting myself further from Latin. And before I forget, TOMORROW (man, so this is what it’s like to have a life – exhausting), join me and other enviro-nuts at the Walk Against Warming march in Sydney CBD:


Attention Australia: Greenroad Initiative!

This is just a brief post to let people know how they can do their part to further help the environment. Basically, are offering to offset your fuel byproduct emissions (by planting trees), for free. All you have to do is use their website to “plan your trip.” Seriously though, for the environmental benefits, it’s hardly difficult to use this website and enter your point of origin and destination, even if you don’t use, or even need, the maps.

See Greenroad for more information.

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