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A Thousand Apologies!

Hello dear readers,

My sincerest apologies for not having updated here for so long! Life has been pretty hectic; I’ve left Sydney and am once again living in the country. As I am once again living by myself, hopefully I’ll be more inclined to update here, since I seem to have so much time on my hands. Not to mention having my own place means I can organise my kitchen for easy access to everything!

I’m still unpacking, but once that’s all done I’ll post some pictures of my new place (which is huge), including a dedicated altar room! Very exciting. I’ll also be uploading a stack of photo’s that I took in Sydney, but didn’t have the time to edit.

So stay tuned, the next update will be soon! In the mean-time, here’s a picture of 5? year old me with my grandpa, looking very smug about holding a puppy;

Slán libh!

Repost: “Asking For It” (A Satirical Look at the ‘Justification’ of Rape)

Reposted from HERE. Warning for potentially triggering content.

“She He asked for the rape mugging.

She He was wearing an mini skirt expensive suit in a badly-lit area what did he expect? We know men muggers see an expensive suit and thing sex cash. Women men should avoid dressing like sluts rich pricks to avoid getting raped mugged.

She he had also been drinking. Everyone knows that drunk women men like to have sex give away their money.

She he didn’t fight back, that clearly means that he agreed to have sex give away money. Besides which she’sugly he’s given to charity in the past, how can he say that he didn’t want to give his money away to anyone?

We all know that some women like to cry rape.
We all know that some men like to cry mugging.

Maybe it was just a case of waking up the next morning and regretting having sex giving away cash.

Why did she he agree to have drinks with the rapist mugger? She he should have known better than to drink with a rapist mugger… she he should know to stay home after dark. She he could be raped mugged.

Husbands can’t rape their wives.
Wives can’t steal from their husbands.

Going to the police is going to destroy the rapist’s mugger’s family, you do understand that don’t you? Besides which the rapist mugger SAID sorry! What more do you WANT?

It was just harmless fun a few dollars… it wasn’t like the rapist mugger was going to rape take the victim’s life savings.

It was just a misunderstanding, a he said, she said. The rapist mugger thought it was consensual.

Educated rapists muggers don’t rape steal other people’s money.

Powerful people don’t rape steal.

The rapist mugger was actually quite wealthy, I think we can see where this heading.

You know you should take it as a compliment someone wants to rape you steal your money.

He was wearing expensive clothes.

He was just asking for it.”


Sorry to one and all that I’ve once again been so slack with updating. I’ve just gotten over a cough that lasted several months and culminated in fractured ribs! So I’ve been in a lot of pain and rather out of commission for the duration.

But I’m on the mend now, and have been baking up a storm, so watch this space!

Welcome to 2011

After the hectic insanity of last year, I’m pleased to announce the return of A Secret Garden! Thanks to everyone who has continued to browse my blog, and my apologies for having taken such a long hiatus from posting. Rest assured, in 2011 you can look forward to more vegan bento, recipes, photographs, book and film reviews, and loads more!

Starting tomorrow, there will be a run of vegan bento posts, interspersed with the occasional photograph and book reviews. But first, a quick review of the year that was:

  • Finished my Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Archaeology and Celtic Studies) – just Honours to go!

  • Got contract work as a real-life archaeologist.

  • Moved into a share-house (which has, unfortunately, greatly reduced how much I’m able to cook and photograph the results).

  • Managed to not suffer any major injuries!

  • Discovered several new fandoms (in fanfiction), which cut into my blogging time significantly; expect some more film reviews in the days to come.

  • Read 160+ books, some for fun, some for study, including one book sa Ghaeilge (in Irish).

  • Was incapacitated with illness for far too much of the year.

Some major changes, some not-so-major changes; in any case, it’s a new year, and hopefully this one will be a damn sight better than the last one!

Keep an eye out for the return of the mad vegan blogger!

Post-Secret, and a note

Eurgh, why is it so damn hot? It was like 44C yesterday! In other news, my brain is producing little in the way of coherent thought, and I haven’t been making bento, so updates will be slow for the next week or so. At some point I’ll bully myself into making more of an effort with this. 🙂

In the meantime enjoy one of the many melancholy yet poignant Post-Secrets:

Will return soon, hopefully with things worth reading.

A Day in the Life Of…

Yeah, been being slack again – which is sad, when I’ve actually created a small collection of blog posts (mostly vegan bento and food pr0n) that are all ready and waiting, and just have to be published. So hopefully I’ll remember to do that tomorrow; in the meantime, here is some insight into my daily routine. Today went something like this:

1. Woke up way too early, after having had too little sleep thanks to deadshit neighbours and their screaming child.

2. Wasted 40 minutes in transit to uni, assuming no train delays (hah!). Took far longer than usual due to sleep deprivation, because stairs are haaaaard.

3. Got to library 3.5 hours before first class; spent 3.2 hours working on assignments, maybe taking a break to pee if there aren’t any shifty people around looking like they’re gonna steal my desk.

4. Had far too brief lunch with lovely Bethany, inhaled food and dashed to class.

5. Lecture in Old Irish, trying to stay awake and have some idea what the hell is going on.

6. Fun time! Went to the USyd annual library book sale, despite being poor. Buy books, and then realised I had to then carry them home, despite already carrying a laptop and several textbooks.

7. Wasted another 40 minutes in transit home, almost falling down stairs at train station thanks to tiredness and huge freaking feet.

8. Lugged heavy backpack and secondary bag home. Had green smoothie, om nom nom.

9. Stared at the computer screen and my assessment for a while, before realising this was fruitless.

10. Had a nap for an hour. Oh God, sleeeeeeeep! I looooove youuuuuu!

11. Woke up, microwaved leftover curry, then worked on assessment for another 3 or so hours.

12. Went for an hour’s walk, and checked mail (ooooo, latest copy of Vegan Voice! And my new bento accessory from eBay!)

13. Went and got groceries, once I realised that there is no fruit in the entire house. More heavy stuff was carried. *Sigh*

14. Did the dishes, since I’d finally run out of clean and useable coffee mugs.

15. Showered, stared at assessment, and then decided to waste time writing a blog entry.

16. Will shortly be going to bed, and possibly murdering neighbours and their child if I hear a single bloody squawk from that brat.

And then begins tomorrow. Even earlier, with a 3 hour lecture, then study, then a 2 hour lecture, then I go hide in the corner with the doona over my head I maturely deal with the ridiculous workload like the… mature… thing… that I am. Goodnight!

Australia’s Attempts at Prohibition

Well, okay, they’re not actively working towards complete prohibition (the alcohol industry earns waaaaaay too much), but the government is working on impeding on civil liberties. At the moment, what I want to rant talk about is THIS article.

For those too impatient to read the entire thing, it’s basically saying that we should entirely condemn the ‘DrinkWise’ anti-alcohol campaign, because it’s sponsored by the alcohol industry. And then goes on to tangentially mention the sports industry’s support of alcohol products, the “underage drinking epidemic!!!”, and the whole issue of basically “no-one ought to be allowed to smoke, ever”.

Yeah, it’s well thought out and completely rational. *ahem*

For starters, it’s plain stupid to completely condemn the entire campaign because of whence it derives its funding; ‘throwing out the baby with the bathwater’ springs to mind. As for the argument that it’s because of this source of funding that the campaign doesn’t work – uh, no. They’ve done studies on government funded anti-drinking campaigns, and shown that they also have very little effect on people’s drinking habits. It’s not a question of where the funds come from, it’s a question of finding a method of transmission of information that actually works. Of course, that would basically require a complete overhaul of Australian social values and attitudes, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

One of my main problems with government officials (and every other wealthy bastard) condemning drinking and smoking is this: it’s an individual’s choice. You step in and tell people what they can and can’t do in their lives, as far as personal choice goes (and where it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of others, obviously) and you are setting a dangerous precedent for 1984-esque levels of control (of course, that’s what the government wants, but that’s a whole other rant). Yes, I do understand the argument that these activities cost the health system a shitload of money. Much like, hmm, obesity and the myriad of health problems associated with being overweight. I don’t see the government stepping in and shutting down fast-food chains, or assisting in lowering the price of health food and taxing the fuckery out of anything deep-fried. Ahh, the sweet smell of blatant hypocrisy.

The only thing I agree with in this article is that it’s stupid to have athletic events, such as hand egg ‘football’, financially sponsored by the alcohol and tobacco industry. That being said, Australians like to be distracted by mindless drivel, such as television and sports, and the funding has to come from somewhere. I’d rather see government funding being distributed to things like education than the pursuit of head-injuries. There’s also something delightfully ironic about something that kills brain cells (i.e. alcohol) lending financial support to something so brainless (i.e. sport). But it does provide yet another vehicle by which pro-drinking sentiments enter into social consciousness, which harks back to my earlier point; if you want to stop binge-drinking, etc. then the social norms and mores of Australian society would have to be changed.

Besides, distract the population with brainless pursuits, and you can basically do whatever you want. I thought that was the ultimate goal of any government?

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