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An introduction of sorts

This is just an introductory post, to give any potential readers a bit of background about the author of this blog, i.e. me.

I’m a NeoPagan (panentheistic dual-henotheist, to be precise – and a “hard” polytheist at that), something of a feminist, a vegan, a staunch supporter of animal rights, rather a geek, and I am currently doing a BA at Australia’s University of Sydney. More generally, I like reading (particularly within the genres of science fiction, historical fiction/historical fantasy, “classical literature”, and non-fiction), I love music (all genres other than country, rap, emo, and the majority of contemporary pop), and I occasionally once again delve into the world of the arts (photography, drawing and painting are the main ones).

The blog will be about all sorts of things: a lot of it will be NeoPagan in nature (and I draw a lot of inspiration from some of the quality NeoPagan blogs already in existence, such as Deborah Lipp’s Property of a Lady, Dianne Sylvan’s Dancing Down the Moon, and others that I will refer to as we go along), as I ruminate on various weird and wonderful topics, respond to or reflect on news articles, and generally add my own perspective on the NeoPagan experience to the collective knowledge that is the Internet.

I’ll include various other commentaries on news articles that I find to be of particular interest, some book, film and music reviews, and just general daily reflections. I also hope to continue my tradition of the weekly “Comic of the Week” installment, highlighting some of the many fantastic webcomics in circulation.

Also, as a vegan/gluten-intolerant person, I’ll try to regularly include (vegan, gluten-free) recipes that I’ve tested and found to be good, as well as links to good recipe sites, reviews of vegan/gluten-free food products, as well as more general reviews of cruelty-free products.

I’ll try my best to never be boring! For more information about me, visit my Myspace Profile.

Mile Beannachta,

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