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Sorry for the delay in updating, I spent the past week and a bit at my dad’s, in order to take care of his neighbour’s cat Princess and her day-old kittens. Princess is my surrogate kitty, whom I love and who loves me, and the kittens are CUTE BEYOND BELIEF! There were four kittens, but she only has two teats, so only two lived past a few days; these two I named Winky and Boofhead.

In between squeeing at the kittens and cuddling Princess (and later, the kittens), I took a couple of hundred photographs of them. Here is part 1 of 2 lots of cat photo’s!


3 kittens close up

3 kittens fighting

3 kittens


Boofhead and Winky


Feeding 2

Feeding time



Holding hands

Keeping watch

Poor tired mum

Stay tuned for more gratuitously cute photo’s!

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