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NeoPagan Arts and Crafts: Box of Sorrows

As part of my practice, I sometimes make things that I continue to use outside of the context of a spell, ritual, etc. Recently, I encountered an idea in a psychology text (I can’t remember which one off of the top of my head) that suggested an exercise that effectively incorporates visualisation and ritualistic dedication, i.e. some of the cornerstones of NeoPagan practice.

Basically, the idea is to create a box/some kind of receptacle that can absorb and contain negative emotions. For example, if you’re feeling angry at someone, use coloured pens, pencils, whatever to draw/write out your feelings on a piece of paper. Really feel the anger, and pour it out on to the page. Then tear it up into pieces, visualising its hold on you dissipating, and place it inside the box. The box then contains the anger, and you have released it from your mind.

It may sound rather hippy-ish, but it’s a great way to vent, release stress, etc. With that in mind, I created my own “Box of Sorrows” (or, “Rage Cube”);

It’s a box that I painted black on the outside, red on the inside. I then added Celtic knotwork details and a symbolic lock on the front. The picture is taken out of a damaged copy of The Plucker, and I thought it looked appropriate. A better picture of it is this;

Tah dahhhh!

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