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BoS: Full Page Bird Design

Welcome to today’s installment of the Book of Shadows sampler, which looks at the steps taken in creating a full-page knotwork design. In this instance, the main design is a bird-motif knotwork panel (design taken from Complete Celtic Designs) with decorated corners.

1. Pencilling the main design;

2. Pencilling the corner decorations, and inking the main design;

3. Inking, intermediary and final;

4. Colouring with inks;

5. Highlighting using metallic pens;

And with that, we have a beautifully decorated full page design!

BoS: Overview of Finished Pages

While I try and take “in progress” photographs of my work, there are generally about 12 pages of unphotographed material to every detailed post I make here. So, I will intermittently take photographs of the completed pages to present these “overviews” of the whole Book of Shadows.

Tah dah! Stay tuned for more of the Book of Shadows project, coming soon.

BoS: Wheel of the Year Detail

Welcome to another look into my ongoing Book of Shadows project. This post shows the steps taken in creating knotwork designs;

1. Pencilling:

2. (Preliminary) Inking:

3. Colouring in progress:

4. Colouring complete:

Tah dah! Stay tuned for the next post, which will be a visual overview of completed pages. 🙂

BoS: Full-Page Dragon Design

Welcome to the second installment of the new Book of Shadows category! This post illustrates the several steps taken in creating a full-page knotwork design.

First, it’s pencilled in, and then inked in black around the edges;

Once all the outlines have been inked, the whole page is cleaned up with an eraser (I use a 2B pencil for the drafting, so there tends to be a bit of smudged graphite across the page, in addition to the drafting itself);

Finally, the whole thing is coloured – for full page designs I tend to use Faber-Castell connector textas, which are nice and bright but don’t seep through the page. For smaller designs, I colour them using extremely fine-tipped felt pens. I then highlight the edges using appropriately-coloured metallic pens (unfortunately, this doesn’t show up very well in this picture);

Stay tuned for more photographs of the lettering process, and the illuminated details scattered throughout!

Book of Shadows (BoS) – an Exciting New Category!

What is a Book of Shadows? It’s basically a ‘magickal diary’ for NeoPagans, containing lore, rituals, notes, meditations, and pretty much anything else related to their magickal practice.

I’ve started collating all of my old Book of Shadows’ into one major undertaking; a beautiful Medieval-illuminated-manuscript style book. After tea staining all of the pages to make them look old, each page is ruled, the words sketched in, then inked in, and any decorative elements are inked and coloured. This labour-intensive process makes the whole activity quite meditative (not to mention being a great way to make the information stick in my brain, since I’m essentially writing it out twice).

In future, these posts will contain stage-by-stage photographs of the drafting and inking processes. But for this introductory post, here’s what the exterior of the book looks like:

And the title page:

The first two pages:

And a close-up of one of the sketch details spread throughout the book:

Join me next time for stage by stage photographs of the process of creating Celtic knotwork and calligraphic writing!

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