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Sacred Art: The Sabbats (Series), Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of pretty watercolour pictures of the Wiccan Sabbats (see part one here)! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been rather busy ‘IRL’, dealing with the horrific administrative clusterfuck that is tertiary education in this state/country.

1. Lughnasadh

Sabbat Painting Lughnasadh

2. Ostara

Sabbat Painting Ostara

3. Samhain – one of my personal favourites, I’m very pleased with the skull!

Sabbat Painting Samhain

4. Yule

Sabbat Painting Yule

I’ve already started another mini-series of watercolours, revolving around mandala designs and the meditative chant Om ma ni padme hum. Stay tuned!

Ostara (Alban Eiler) altar

Hmm, I was slack and neglected to post photographs of my new altar at my new flat (not so new now), especially considering it has an entirely different structure/layout. But, today I redecorated it in honour of Ostara/Alban Eiler, and here are the results:

The tarot card (“Rebirth”) is from the Druidcraft tarot, which is a beautiful, beautiful deck if you’re looking for an ‘authentic’ (and non-cheesy) Celtic-themed one. If anyone has any questions about anything on the altar, feel free to ask. I love talking about it, lol!

Have a blessed Alban Eiler, all.

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