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Photo round-up: Narooma

I forgot to mention my exciting news… I bought a new battery for my camera!! Now it lasts for hours and hours and hours, not 45 minutes (if I was lucky). HAAHAHAHAHAH!! But seriously, it makes life so much better/easier. 😀

That being said, here are some pictures from several trips to the south coast, Narooma beach and mangroves to be precise.

The Narooma Hole

The Narooma hole – we saw seals on the same day!!! Very exciting.

Narooma cliffs good

Shell Hunting - Copy

My beautiful and photogenic friend Rachel.

Exploring the Mangroves - Copy

Rachel and her boyfriend Josh, hunting for shells. (I myself found a whole sea urchin shell, I was most pleased!)

Mangroves at Sunset

Sea Grapes

And my camera battery is still going strong, muahahahah! Stay tuned for more photo uploads, including some awesome abandoned rural houses…

Photo round-up: Rural Ruins

A few weeks back, my dad and I did some exploring of an abandoned mid-19th-C building complex, and it had some awesome photo opportunities; not to mention being a really cool place to have a look around. Here are some of my favourites:

1. A Lonely Life

A Lonely Life

2. Threshold (my personal favourite)


3. Sun in the Sty

Sun in the Sty

4. Glacial (the geology in the Cooma-Monaro area is endlessly fascinating!)


5. Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

6. Domestic Debris

Domestic Debris

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for pictures of my cat. 😛

Photo round-up: Mechanics 101

Here is a somewhat disparate collection of photographs of various disused mechanical objects, taken in a variety of locations.

1. Dried Out and Used Up (Taken at an abandoned retirement village)


2. Pressure Valve (Taken at the White Bay Power Station)

Pressure Valve

3. Experiments in Hue (Taken at above; as the title suggests, this one was largely an experiment in hues and tones)

Experiments in hue

Any comments and questions are more than welcome! Stay tuned for an update, and more pictures of my cat. 😛

Time Travel: Photographs of Old Things

For your viewing pleasure, a collection of photographs of ‘old things’ from various times and places.

1. Cooma Station

Cooma station

2. Take a Step Back in Time (from the Abandoned abattoir series)

Take a Step Back (in Time)

3. Freedom Glimps’d (also from the Abandoned abattoir series)

Freedom Glimps'd

4. Only Dust Dances Now – the reclaimed music hall at a disused Power Station

Only Dust Dances Now

5. Remembrance in Repose (in the Cooma pioneer cemetery)

Remembrance in Repose

Stay tuned for my next post, which will most likely feature delicious food!

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

(Does anyone else find it really stupid that they play Christmas carols about snow and winter in Australia? I.e. where it is the SUMMER solstice? Thanks Christianity, for ripping off pagan holidays and trying to pass them off as your own, completely screwing up the cycle of festivals that are directly tied to the seasons!![/sarcasm])

Nonetheless, I have been sorting and editing photographs from earlier this year, including pictures from Kiandra in the Kosciuszko National Park, this past winter;

1. Drift


2. Crisp Contrast

Clear Contrast

3. Untitled (SUGGESTIONS?)

Little Lake

4. Tundra


That’s it for now, stay tuned for pictures of food and my epic Lego mansion I’ve been building!

Photographing an Abandoned Abattoir

Sorry for the long hiatus, life on this side of the screen has been pretty hectic. To apologise, here are some pretty pictures;

One fine day, my dad and I set out to explore an abandoned abattoir in the Snowy Mtns; this was actually before I moved back here, I just hadn’t gotten around to editing and uploading them. This is set one of (at least) two.

1. “Basic Geometry”. Love all the lines.

2. “Descent”.

3. “Forgotten”. Down on the lowest floor, there was a bunch of children’s stuff; dolls, teddy bears, even a bassinet. Creepy as hell.

And speaking of creepy, here’s a bonus shot of a mummified headless kangaroo. Why not?

Photo Round-Up: Sunsets

It’s no secret that I particularly love to photograph lightscapes, especially sunsets/sunrises. Bearing that in mind, here is a collection of some of the more note-worthy sun-scapes I’ve photographed;

1. Sunset over the Parramatta River

2. Second Sunset over the Parramatta River

3. Sunset from the back of the Leichhardt property.

4. “Aglow in the Afternoon”; sunset hitting the sandstone rock overhang, on the Parramatta River.

Photo: Kingswood

Here’s a veeeeeery old one, from when I first moved to Sydney in 2008, where I lived in Kingswood in the far western suburbs. I still love the composition of this one;

I’ve been quite productive of late; not only have I almost finished my Book of Shadows, I’ve edited quite a lot of photographs to upload here. So stay tuned!

Photos; Ghosts No Longer Linger & Waiting for Eternity

1. “Ghosts No Longer Linger”, yet another from Callan Park psyche hospital – I layered the image, desaturated the top layer and erased through to reveal the colour on the previous layer. I also changed the lighting angle. Woo!

2. “Waiting for Eternity”, another Callan park one. Changed the tonal qualities to be slightly more yellow, that’s about it.

Photo: Breathing is Dangerous

Yet another from the Callan Park psyche hospital collection. Played with saturation and hue a bit.

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