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Sacred Art: The Sabbats (Series), Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of pretty watercolour pictures of the Wiccan Sabbats (see part one here)! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been rather busy ‘IRL’, dealing with the horrific administrative clusterfuck that is tertiary education in this state/country.

1. Lughnasadh

Sabbat Painting Lughnasadh

2. Ostara

Sabbat Painting Ostara

3. Samhain – one of my personal favourites, I’m very pleased with the skull!

Sabbat Painting Samhain

4. Yule

Sabbat Painting Yule

I’ve already started another mini-series of watercolours, revolving around mandala designs and the meditative chant Om ma ni padme hum. Stay tuned!

Sacred Art: The Sabbats (series)

I’ve completed another ‘series’ of watercolour paintings, this time depicting each of the Sabbats. They’re roughly based on the Sabbat cards from my oracle card deck, although rather more detailed!

Here are the first 4, plus the Wheel of the Year poster I also did;

1. Wheel of the Year

Sabbat Painting WotY

2. Beltaine

Sabbat Painting Beltaine

3. Imbolg

Sabbat Painting Imbolg

4. Litha

Sabbat Painting Litha

5. Mabon

Sabbat Painting Mabon

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post!

Imbolg 2009 Altar

Huh, just realised that I never uploaded the photographs of last year’s Imbolg altar (and I’ve been pretty slack and late about uploading this year’s ones. But here they are!

imbolg 2009 altar with flash

L-R: candles, including my Imbolg pillar candle with the rune Beorc (representing purity and rebirth) carved into it. In front of the taper candles are the lotus candle-holder, a piece of kunzite, a lotus candle, a small spessartite cluster, and my trusty pinecone. In front of those are a bottle of clear topaz pieces, a chunk of iceland spar calcite, a selenite sphere with two piece of tumbled selenite, a creedite cluster, and a bottle of tiny garnets. Right at the front is my amethyst rosary (which, appropriately, has a Brighid medallion on it), a selenite wand, a small jar of salt, and a wooden incense-holder/pentacle.

And, of course, a candle-lit shot:

imbolg 2009 altar candlelit

A note on symbolism: my Imbolg altars are characteristically a lot less cluttered than those for the other Sabbats, revolving around candles and stones representing purity and rebirth. In a lot of ways I consider Imbolg the real ‘new year’, in that it’s the time to enact changes in one’s life, hence ‘spring-cleaning’ and all that.

Any thoughts/comments/questions?

Winter Solstice/Alban Arthan 2009 Altar

yule 2009 altar main yule 2009 altar candlelit

Back, L-R: Goddess candle, awesome candle made by the awesome Brendan from Sydney’s Ostarian Grove, God candle.

Middle, L-R: Kuan Yin statue surrounded by sodalite, amethyst, moonstone & blue lace agate, with a rose-quartz carved rabbit (a gift from a lovely girl with whom I went to school) in front. A very winter-y candle holder with a white lotus candle, and my amethyst rosary draped around it. My faithful old pine-cone (still have yet to find a decent depiction of the Lord, which I’m willing to have on my altar) surrounded by amber, with a hematite Sun-God charm in front.

Front, L-R: raw rose quartz, polished amethyst thumbstone and a rhodonite love-heart (gift from my Grandmother). Pentacle incense burner, on a Sun-God altar plaque (actually a coaster, but awesome :P). Natural citrine (it’s not as yellow as in the photograph, my camera does strange things with colour) generator, polished garnet, and a small jar of garnets.

Gratuitous “artsy” shot:


As always, questions and comments are welcome!

Samhain 2009 Altar

Better late than never, I’ve remembered to upload some photographs of my altar! No candle-lit photo’s, because the camera died, but there’s a blurry/pretty picture of it with the flash off.

samhain altar with flash

In the picture, from the back: usual Goddess/God candles, my mini-cauldron (filled with jet, obsidian and black tourmaline) with an amber bracelet around the top, a black scrying mirror, and a pine-cone. Also on the altar: a pentacle incense burner, a winter-tree candle-holder (with a white lotus candle), several pieces of amber, a solid obsidian scrying mirror (on the right), and the ‘Memento Mori’ card from the fantastic Graven Images Oracle deck.

As always, comments/questions are welcome. Now, the aforementioned blurry, but pretty, shot:

samhain altar blurry but pretty

(That’s my Himalayan salt-crystal lamp off to the right.)

Autumn Equinox Altar

Wishing everyone here in the Southern Hemisphere a blessed and merry Mabon/Alban Elfed. So, after a brief interlude of not having an altar, due to space constraints, I’ve set up a smaller one. Starting with the celebration one of my favourite Sabbats, Alban Elfed, or the Autumnal Equinox.


At the back, on the left, is a cast iron cauldron (filled with 7 pieces each of citrine, amethyst and smokey quartz). I’ve gone with the theme of citrine/amethyst/smokey quartz to honour the concept of ‘dynamic balance’ that occurs at the two Equinoxes. To me, these three stones each represent the concept of balance without stagnation, and when combined they also balance one another, energetically. I also have a generator of each of these stones in the middle of the altar.

The small, tumbled, crystals in the middle are, from left to right: ametrine, lithium quartz, a Shiva Lingam, kunzite/spodumene, and another piece of ametrine. All of these relate to the above notes.

Questions and/or comments are welcomed. 🙂

Litha/Alban Hefin/Midsummer Altar

Close up of centre.

Full view.

And yeah, it’s a little late (considering we’re now approaching Lughnasadh…), but I kind of forgot to upload the pictures. And no pretty candlelit ones because my camera battery died.

Beltaine 2008 Altar

So, in preparation for the actual sabbat of Beltaine, I redid my altar (yay, this year I seem to actually be managing to keep up with the altar. Even if it IS largely just to avoid doing mundane things like Latin homework :P.). It’s fairly simplistic this time around, but I like it:

A few notes on the stuff on there:

  • once again, the tarot cards are from the Druidcraft Tarot; the Lovers represents Beltaine (obviously), but the World and the Empress/Lady are there because I drew them in a meditative tarot exercise

  • the white Goddess statue is what I made in the clay workshop at Beltaine ’08, though it’s a terrible picture of it

  • the white lotus candle holder in the centre was purchased by me as a birthday present from my Grandmother. It’s new, and I love it already

  • the purple cord hanging across the top of the mirror is the cord that I made myself, with my cord-buddy Kimmi, at Beltaine ’08

For me, a home is not a home without an altar.

Beltaine ’08 – Real Magick!

It was just… fantastic, and inspiring. Beautiful place, beautiful food, and, most of all, the most fantastic, intelligent, amazing and beautiful people. If any of the organisers happen upon this – thank you so much (and I’m sure this is speaking on behalf of all) for imagining, organising and holding such a brilliant event.

I finally got to meet other NeoPagans! And I was pretty damn impressed; everyone was so warm and welcoming, and the positive energy throughout the weekend was palpable. The Beltaine ritual itself was inspiring (and inspired), with energy raising via the spiral dance, and even a touch of comedy with the courtship of the Goddess. The maypole may not have been perfect, but it was beautiful nonetheless (and I’m so glad I danced it, it was an amazingly exhilarating experience).

The workshops also had a good balance between the Beltaine favourite (sex magick and associated crafts) and the more creative aspect of inspiration and abundance. I made a clay Goddess figure for my altar, I’ll post a picture of her later when I get time. Speaking of which, there were loads of people taking photographs, so I’m hoping plenty of those will surface on the Internet.

All in all, it was one of the most amazing things that I have ever experienced in my life, and I’m so completely glad that I went; and I’m grateful for the wonderful people that I met. It was refreshing to be able to just be with other people on the same wavelength (and they were a spiritual bunch indeed), in the quiet calm of the bush, weaving magick that will last us for the rest of the year.

I’ll definitely be attending any of their events in future (and I will be distinctly unhappy if university tries to thwart me in this), and so should all of you!

Beltaine ’08 is a go!

Last week, we put out a call to let the wider pagan community know that if
the Sydney Beltaine event did not get enough support numbers wise, we were
in danger of cancelling out the of the weekend entirely.

Well, we’ve got some BRILLIANT news!

With some last minute bookings on Friday that literally *saved* us numbers
wise, and careful adjustments to our entertainment budget (ie we don’t have
a budget now and sorry to say that there will no longer be a live celtic
band performing) we’re now happy to announce that the event is still going
ahead!!!! Woo hooo!

So, thank you to those in people in Sydney, Regional NSW and other States
around the country who are coming along to celebrate with us! Huzzah! Your
grass roots support means that we can still come together as a community and
celebrate Beltaine!

How do I book in I hear you ask??? Go and have a look at our website which
has been updated with the new announcement and details of our limited
release day ticket option.

*Sydney Betlaine 2008 Gathering*
17-19th October 2008

Waterfall NSW

Bookings open until early October – dates to be confirmed….

An adults only (18yrs+) weekend gathering to celebrate Beltaine.

$140pp inc GST – includes all accommodation, catering and workshops &

Limited release of DAY TICKETS $70pp inc GST – Sat 18th Oct only – 8am to

As advertised in this current edition of Spellcraft (page 31) and thanks
again to all the groups and individuals who have passed on news of this
event – you’ve all been noted and thanked on our website, if I’ve missed
you, please give me a nudge and I’ll add you there! Thanks again!

Bright Beltaine Blessings in advance,

Woohoo! Thank you to all who helped support the event, and I’ll see you there!

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