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Vegan Bento #53

Welcome to the latest lunch post!

Vegan Bento 53

Top Left: homemade half-raw hommus with carrot cutout.

Top Right: carrot sticks and flowers, tomato from dad’s garden.

Bottom Left: Pigs in mud! Homemade iced brownie surrounded by sultanas, dried pineapple, apple rings and blueberries (yellow cup).

Bottom Right: Seaweed rice crackers with Sheese chunks, dry roasted garlic chickpeas (yellow cup), pistachios (pink cup).

I was very pleased with my pigs in mud, pigs being one of the most beautiful species on the planet. And they’re such cuties!

Vegan Bento #52

That’s right, the vegan bento blogger is back! I’ve been working mostly full time for a few weeks, and now I’m used to it I’m more inclined to pack a proper bento.

That being said, this is more of a snack bento, as I had my lunch separately.

Vegan Bento 52

Top tier L-R: “Freedom Foods” muesli bar, sultanas, golden sultanas, pistachios and dry-roasted garlic chickpeas (in pink cup).

Bottom tier L-R: seaweed rice crackers, spicy Indian potato snacks, raw cashews (in yellow cup), raw sunflower seedss (in blue cup).

The little cupcake container hold a mixture of nutritional yeast, veggie salt and cracker pepper, for seasoning the 5 bean mix that was my lunch. And a Clif bar because I am freaking addicted to them!

Stay tuned for the next post, which will probably include photos of my cat. Heheheeh. 😀

Vegan Bento #51

Top tier L-R: sultanas, snowpea snaps, dry-roasted chickpeas, homemade sugar cookies (in green cup).

Bottom tier: baked potatoes and carrots, with a mixture of nutritional yeast, vegetable salt and Cajun seasoning (in the rabbit box). Amaaaaazing.

Vegan Bento #50

Top tier L-R: baby carrots, dry-roasted garlic chickpeas, homemade mini-sugar cookies, snowpea pods (with a panda!).

Bottom tier: leftover maze gohan (Japanese pilaf) with soy sauce in the elephant bottle.

Woo! Vegan bento post number 50, can you believe it? Unfortunately it’s a bit blurry, so here’s a bonus*:

*Bizarre picture courtesy of a graphics tablet and a bottle of gin.

Vegan Bento #45

Left tier: leftover leek and mushroom risotto (the recipe for which will be posted here shortly), with carrot stars, radish tulips, snowpeas and radish stem decoration. And a panda pick!

Right tier: Canadian maple GF biscuits, dried apricots, sugared almonds, TVP jerky, dry-roasted chickpeas (in the piggy cup), snowpeas.

Vegan Bento #44

Behold! The return of vegan bento blogging! And to start things right, here’s a bento containing largely traditional Japanese bento ingredients;

  • Yellow box; homemade avocado and marinated enoki mushroom sushi, with soy sauce in a bunny bottle.

  • Red box; boiled edamame beans, with soy sauce in a panda bottle.

  • Purple box; leftover ao-tosaka (seaweed) salad from the Asian grocery store, topped with fresh snowpeas and avocado chunks.

  • Blue box; two home-made (no, not the skins, that’s way too devoted!) inari rolls, and a strawberry flavoured mochi ball.

This one was made a while ago, but was definitely a recipe for success. I’ve now acquired an authentic-styled obento box, which naturally begs to be filled with traditional goodies such as these!

Vegan Bento #43

This was basically a snack bento, as I was going out to lunch/dinner with a friend!

Purple box: vegetable ‘fries’ (they’re these baked Japanese veggie crisp things).

Yellow box: snow pea crisps, black sesame rice crackers.

Red box: garlic-flavoured dry-roasted chickpeas.

Blue box: a Leda chocolate-chip cookie and a Clif protein bar broken in half.

Vegan Bento #42

Top tier (L): leftover punjab eggplant curry with sultana details.

Bottom tier (R): garlic dry-roasted peas, dry-roasted corn, Leda apple-cinnamon bar, apricot delight, raw cashews and a sweet. There were also black-sesame rice crackers underneath!

Vegan Bento #41

Never fear, fellow vegan bento-bloggers, I haven’t disappeared – I just couldn’t find the cable to charge my camera!

Green box: snow peas and snow pea crisps (with panda decorations. Panda panda panda!)
Red box: Leda apple + cinnamon snack bar, apricot delight, raw cashews, a Leda chocolate chip cookie, and a sweet.
Blue box: black sesame rice crackers, vegan jerky.

And look what I found in Chinatown the other week!

Domo-kuuuuuuuuuuun! 😀

Vegan Bento #40

Top tier: nori rice crackers, dry-roasted corn, strawberry mochi & a boiled sweet, snow-pea crackers.

Bottom tier: shiitake mushroom, brown rice and shoyu dumplings (new discovery at the Asian grocer’s around the corner, they’re awesome!), edamame, shoyu in a bunny sauce bottle.

Also, I promise to soon resume posting things on here that aren’t just pictures of my lunch – I haven’t abandoned the blog, RL has just gotten in the way a lot. Stay tuned!

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