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Comic of the Week: The Bad Chemicals

It’s been a long while since I last updated the “Comic of the Week” segment of this blog. As with everything, I haven’t ceased being interested in webcomics, I’ve just not gotten around to sharing them. Here is the first attempt to rectify this:

Taken from HERE. A very dark, cynical and rather clever webcomic. Emphasis on the DARK part of the description.

Comic of the Week: Rock Paper Cynic


From here. This is another relatively new discovery of mine, and it’s consistently brilliant.

Comic of the Week: The Bad Chemicals


From here. If you like somewhat off-colour humour, this is an awesome recent discovery.

Comic of the Week: Dilbert

dilbert weasels

I love this, because it’s totally, totally true. From here.

Comic of the Week: Dilbert


From here. Incidentally, ‘Dilbert’ is one of my all-time favourite strips (also love the animated series); it’s just such a fantastically cynical, and realistic, depiction of working life.

Comic of the Week: Penny Arcade


From here.

(Bonus) Comic of the Week: Devil’s Panties


From here.

Why a bonus comic? Because, as I sit here failing to do my uni work or any of the multitude of tasks that need doing, this perfectly summates my attitude towards being a “responsible adult”.

Comic of the Week: Girls With Slingshots


From here. I was only alerted to this one recently, but man it’s hilarious. Great mix of comedy and real storyline.

Comic of the Week: Saturday Morning Breakfast Comic


From here.

Comic of the Week: Least I Could Do


From here.

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