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The U.S.’s “perspective” on the Russia-Georgia Conflict

Or, “another irritating example of American audacity and arrogance.”

So, the invasion of Georgia by Russia has been on the news, apparently. Why? Because they’re an American ally (it’s not like we get any world news coverage in this country anymore, unless it relates directly to the U.S. or Australia. Incidentally, isn’t that a scary little bit of subtle censorship? But I digress…), and because the United States are trying desperately to a) restart the Cold War, and b) deflect the world’s hatred of America onto Russia. Personally, I think there’s a lot more backstory to this conflict than we’re being told (isn’t there always?), and I don’t doubt that the Americans have something to do with this. Everything seems just a little too convenient.

But my conspiracy theories, and dislike of the U.S. and it’s attitude towards the rest of the world/humanity aside, I came across this article while trying to find more evidence for my theory. And… wow. It pretty much manages to singularly encapsulate so many of the things that I, and the rest of the intelligent world, hate about the U.S. and it’s current government.

To briefly summarise the article, it’s all about how the U.S. is condemning Russia for “[it’s] “unjustifiable assault” on Georgia.” Shit hey, that’s almost like that… invasion of… wait, what are they? Those middle eastern countries that have been invaded and occupied under completely fabricated pretenses by this big arrogant pseudo-democray? Oh! That’s right! America’s “unjustifiable assault on Iraq and Afghanistan!” How’re those WMD’s going?

The article opens with this pithy little paragraph:

Russia’s conflict with Georgia is the sign of a “weak” Russian nation, not a newly assertive one, and Moscow now has put its place in the world order at risk, the top U.S. diplomat for relations with the country said in an interview yesterday.

Huh. I like it that America, with it’s failing economy, slowly imploding society, and massive, massive, massive internal problems (crime rates, for a start. And the fact that, hey, you’re basically a 3rd world country, with the majority of people living in poverty, trying to convince people you’re really a “leading economic/industrial power”), has decided that it suddenly has the authority, and the omnipotent knowledge, to condemn other countries as “weak”. Not only that, they can, as one unimportant country (sad but true, Europe doesn’t rely on you, economically, whatsoever), decide that this move means that Russia has suddenly completely fucked it’s chances at “playing with the big boys”. Why? Because America “said so”? Man, if the people in the Kremlin have any sense, they’ll stay the hell away from the U.S., and avoid getting caught in it’s slipstream as it slips into obscurity.

We continue on with this scary little excerpt:

“U.S. policymakers have debated whether and how Russia should be punished for its incursion into Georgia. Already, a civil nuclear deal between Russia and the United States appears dead in Congress…”

“Punished.” That’s a frightening little choice of language right there. America is now, what, the police of the world? I understand that their country is now quite an efficient police state (good luck expressing any opposition to the government! Or the theocracy that it’s pretending not to be!), but… since when do America get to decide what’s right, what’s wrong, and what should be done about it? And, personally, I don’t think we should be deriving any kind of moral absolutes from a country that has a history of happily justifying it’s mass murder sprees (little things, like massacring civilians in Iraq, Japan , Vietnam, Korea, and Dresden do spring to mind). But that’s ok, because the U.S. assured everyone that all those people were the “bad guys”. Thank God for moral absolutes that justify killing millions of people!

The second frightening thing in that excerpt is the subtle declaration – left intentionally vague – the “civil nuclear deal” between Russia and the U.S. has been rejected. Well, isn’t this incursion into Georgia a convenient little excuse for America to, oh, up the ante on the “arms race”, reinstill the fear of “reds under the bed” in the populace, and (as the kaiser president is no doubt hoping) pick up the Cold War where it left off? And people wonder why I find this all to be suspiciously helpful.

So, let’s think about this: Russia is America’s long time nemesis. America is… well, fucked. But, considering their country is basically ruled by fear alone, wouldn’t reviving the terror of the Soviet Threat be a really good way to quiet the masses? And won’t this “new atrocity” hopefully distract everyone else in the world from the old, ongoing, major-scale atrocities the U.S. are committing in the Middle East? And why the fuck has America assumed that it has all this authority anyway? It’s a time-bomb sitting on the side of the earth – we just don’t yet know if it will implode or explode.

I don’t agree with Russia invading Georgia, or their sudden acknowledgement of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. But I think that article’s comment that America is “… determined to prevent Russia from claiming a new sphere of influence in the Caucasus…” says it all. They don’t give a fuck about Georgia (look at the above links, since when do they give a shit about anyone?), they’re worried that Russia will gain more power. And they’re trying to convince the rest of the world to fear it too. So, please, please, please! Review the facts and wake up to what they’re trying to do!

I could keep going. There are a lot more issues with this, but… I’m too disgusted right now.

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