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I had a nightmare, I lived in a little town
Where little dreams were broken…

You have no idea how big eternity really is.

It’s endless, out here. Horizons stretch beyond sight, broken only by occasional trees, gnarled and twisted and bent under the weight, the weight of holding up that neverending sky.

You have no idea how deafening silence is.

It’s not really silent, to be fair. Cicadas screech their discordant scores, the wind rushes past in painfully scorching waves, hissing maliciously through the dead, dry grass.

You have no idea how long an hour can be.

It’s a cliché, but true. You hear these things, like you hear so many things (Did you hear? They beat that fag stone-cold dead.), and laugh derisively… until one day you hear yourself repeating them. Or denying them. (No, no, no!)

You have no idea how cruel people can be.

It’s something you ignore, until it happens to you. Children are cherubs, compared to the evils of men. Fear, bigotry, hatred, hatred, hatred. Above all, hatred. Small-minded man in a small-minded town.

You have no idea who he is, who he was.

It’s their fault, that now you never will. A brother – loving, until outed and outcasted. A son – beloved, until discovered and disowned. A boyfriend – loving, beloved, lover. Nothing will change that.

You have no idea who I am, who I was.

It’s my fault, my weakness. It’s not here, it’s everywhere. In this little town, in this little world, in the little minds of little people everywhere. It’s inescapable; inevitable; it’s the end.

And then a little voice inside me said;
“You’ll never get away from here”.

Author’s note: yeah that was odd, and I’ve no idea where it came from. Song is “3 Times and You Lose” by Travis (And the Invisible Band). Comment if you don’t get what it’s about, but I think I made it pretty clear.


Comments on: "You Can’t Escape Forever (a poetic prose experiment)" (2)

  1. boyfulani. said:

    nice stuff.

  2. gardenia said:

    moving, thought provoking – love it.

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